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Anyone given this a go? I've just watched the first episode and am intrigued enough to continue.


Have to say, as much as I love OFOTCN, I've never watched it and thought to myself I wish nurse ratched had more of a backstory. Without that connection I'd probably not have bothered giving it a try though so if that was their aim they have succeeded on me.

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I loved it - but the whole thing is nonsense, and it has as much connection with its ‘source material’ as Desmond’s does.


They should have really called it American Horror Story - Weird Nurse.

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There’s been a fair bit of discussion about it in the Netflix thread I think. It’s very beautiful, and like AHS it’s fun that you never have any idea what’s going to happen next. It has no meaningful link to the source material and also inherits AHS’s devolving into insanity in the second half and having a really unsatisfying ending. 

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