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Is it Balearic?

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I remember loving Rose Rouge and then buying the full album and absolutely hating every last moment of it. That of course doesn’t effect its Balearic credentials. I’d say it’s maybe a bit polished and try hard to be truly cool? Maybe I’ll try it again and see if I’ve mellowed on it in the intervening 20 years.

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On 18/09/2020 at 13:24, Fierce Poodle said:

Is this album considered Balearic? 


Good record, but I'd have to agree with Art that it's not really got the Balearic spirit. You could get away with playing a few of the tracks by the beach, sure, but generally it's cool and sophisticated by design rather than by appropriation. Saying that, Land Of... popped up just last week on shuffle and the bridge section at around 4 minutes is beautiful. The chords give me Ridge Racer Type 4 sunset vibes




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Just read the sad news. His name has been around for as long as I’ve been into music and I remember enjoying the first 3 Cafe Del Mar compilations, which were the first ‘chillout’ albums I was aware of. Will be checking some of his mixtapes - links at the bottom of this nice piece on test pressing. 





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Time Capsule: July 14th 1989 - Ku Club prior to Front 242 playing live - Having started to gain rotation on the island in 87/88 House music is in full effect but note it was mixed with EBM. This is not my recording of the night but being there at the time it really captures the golden age of the Ku. Ecstasy was already big at the Ku by then. How did it get there? Some years earlier a legendary drink was being given away for an optional 'donation' by Ibiza legend Brasilio at his Coco Loco bar in Ibiza Town. The effect of Coco Loco (Coconut Milk Vodka and ingredient X) was so profound that Ku's owners signed him up and built him his own bar! Coco Loco at the Coco Loco bar cost 1500 pesetas in 1987 and you were assured it was the only drink you would need all night! Brasilio gave a lot away for free and then he went to Amnesia in '89 taking the bar with him and the rest is history as his most loyal patrons followed him. Anyway close your eyes and imagine the loco kicking in as this soundtrack pumps...Cesar De Melero DJ'ing

And look - space to dance!



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