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Choose the next game I play from my pile of shame

Jamie John

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Here are all the games I currently own or can access on Game Pass that I want to play, sorted by the order in which I bought them, oldest first:



Breath of the Wild (Replay)


Slay the Spire

Flipping Death

Devil May Cry 5

New Super Mario Bros Deluxe


Dragon's Dogma

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Radiant Historia

Ori and the Blind Forest

Final Fantasy IX (Replay)

Broken Age


Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze (Replay)

Murder By Numbers

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered (Replay)


Rocket League

Captain Toad (Replay)

Salt and Sanctuary

Dark Souls III (Replay)

Divinity Original Sin II

Civilization VI

Bioshock Collection (Replay)

Alan Wake

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey



Cities: Skylines

Stories Untold

Far: Lone Sails

Nathan Drake Collection

Days Gone

The Walking Dead Seasons 1-3

Disco Elysium

Mirror's Edge

Witcher 3 (Replay)

Injustice 2

Half Life 2: Episode 2 (Replay)

Inside (Replay)



Dear Esther

Snake Pass

Forza Horizon 4

Ori and the Will O the Wisps


Streets of Rage 4

Ape Out

Children of Morta

My Friend Pedro

Gears Tactics

Torment: Tides of Numenara

Surviving Mars



West of the Dead

Bad North

No Man's Sky


There are a lot of good games here and I really don't know which one to choose next, so I thought I'd be lazy and let you guys choose for me instead.


What should I play next and why?

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8 minutes ago, Stoppy2000 said:

Streets of Rage 4 is brilliant and you could just play through the story once and never go back if needed. 


Yep. Go through it on co-op and it's a solid afternoon of rip-roaring fun. Lets you experiment with different characters through the stages as well as you'll have a bigger safety net to succeed.


Re: Slay The Spire and Rocket League, they tend to be games you just pick up and play as you fancy it, so you'll might want to discount those from the list outside of a couple hours of 'orientation'. Perfect for blasting through an hour every now and again.


Bastion OTOH, has a definitive end, will take a couple of days of casual play AND is absolutely fucking brilliant. So that's my pick.

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one of these would get my vote - New Super Mario Bros Deluxe (deluxe is the wii u port right?), Ori and the Blind Forest (if you're going to play an ori game play this one first anyway), Mirror's Edge - because they're brilliant, well mirrors edge is sort of flawed brilliance.

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Start Slay the Spire, then come back to it sporadically. Go through Streets of Rage 4 and Ape Out for a couple of quick finishes, then get stuck into Control.


Also, cut the list by at least half. Realistically, you're never going to play a lot of those.

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Thanks for all the replies, folks ^_^


So far, Control is leading the pack with 5 votes while Slay the Spire and Streets of Rage 4 are joint second with 3 a piece. I doubt I'll have a chance to play anything today until this evening, so get your votes in now!


36 minutes ago, BadgerFarmer said:

Start Slay the Spire, then come back to it sporadically. Go through Streets of Rage 4 and Ape Out for a couple of quick finishes, then get stuck into Control.


Also, cut the list by at least half. Realistically, you're never going to play a lot of those.


I find it hard to play more than one game at a time - it tends to be all or nothing - so I hope I can get into StS after all the good things I've read.


An re. cutting my list in half, I'm not planning on buying any more games for a good while, and I'm normally pretty good at sampling, at least, everything I buy, although there are definitely some games in that list I can guarantee you I won't finish. Maybe I should cull those.


6 hours ago, BossSaru said:

What did you last play? If you have been playing action-filled games and want something more relaxing the Murder by Numbers is pretty good.


I finished Subnautica last night, which is relatively gentle, when you're not being chased by big monsters, anyway.

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I really enjoyed DMC5 - the characterisation and story is as daft as you’d expect, but the combat is more satisfying than it’s ever been, there’s a huge amount of upgrading and customisation, there’s plenty of nice presentation and everything’s very replayable when you consider all of the secrets, upgrades, unlocks and other stuff. :) 

It is quite a substantial game, so if you’re eyeing up a calendar of forthcoming releases you might be in trouble... but at the same time it’s the kind of game that’s easy to pick up and put down.

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The best games on that list that I've played personally are probably Control, Slay the Spire, and Divinity Original Sin 2. I haven't played Disco Elysium yet, though. 


I think I'd go for Control because it's absolutely amazing. If you have time to get stuck into a CRPG then Divinity 2. Slay the Spire is the kind of game that you do a run in between doing other things. It's one of those games you absolutely have to play though. 


Bulletstorm is worth playing not because it's a great game - it's a good shooter, nothing wrong with it - but because it's absolutely hilarious. It contains more memorably laugh-out-loud moments than any game I can think of since Monkey Island. Actually, that might not be true - Tales from the Borderlands might just edge it. 


The Uncharted collection is in there - have you never played one of the first three Uncharted games? If not, then they might be worth going for because they are superb. Well, the second and third ones are. The first is a bit 7/10, so maybe skip straight to 2. You don't really need to play the first one to understand the story or anything. 


If I were you I'd get rid of all the "replay" games off the list. You've got far too many great games you haven't played to be going through BotW or The Witcher 3 again, as good as those games are. 

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Superhot is excellent and quite short, you'd probably be able to finish it in one sitting, a nice easy one to check off the list! 


Slay the Spire is ACE :wub:though for me is more of a "forevergame", its something I slowly chip away at and play in between and alongside other games. 


Cities Skylines is defo worth at least an evening or two's play, you can't really complete it but it's a lovely chill game that isn't very hard but it satisfying to play, watching stuff grow is cool! 

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The game I most want to play but can't play on that list is Disco Elysium. I could get it for my Mac but I want to wait for the console release. 


However, Control all the way. It's not perfect but is just a great gaming experience. Plays like one of those games that was lathered with love and attention; lots of the detail and collectables really add to proceedings. 

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Control is aces but if you want some balls-to-the-wall action greatness with oodles of profanity then BulletStorm is your friend.


But then my Naughty Dog obsession kicks in, slaps me round the face for not recommending the Nathan Drake Collection.

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It would be good to know what you've just finished and if you fancy something completely different..? Or even what you're in the mood for generally. 


In any case, the answer is Devil May Cry 5. 

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3 hours ago, Benny said:

Disco Elysium. No contest.


This. One of the most unique games in ages and a really good story. If you're into story driven games, this should be high on your list! Possibly better suited for dark nights in with a nice dram at your hand, though. 

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