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The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty

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This is absolutely splendid. Shades of Succession mingled with The Godfather.


It's a BBC three parter so should be available on iPlayer if you missed the first episode.

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The issue of potential blackmail that doesn't even need to be stated, it's just in the air that Peter Oborne brings it up, he forlornly says something like 'it hugely compromises democracy', you do think; well no fucking shit and what are we doing about it oh right yeah i forget nothing THIS MORNING ON JEREMY VINE CYCLISTS RECORDING MOTORISTS SHOULD THEY STOP BEING TWATS WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR THOUGHTS OH AND THAT 15 YEAR OLD GIRL WHO JOINED ISIS SHOULD WE FIGURE OUT A WAY TO EXILE SOMEONE FROM THE PLANET WE WANT TO HEAR REACTIONARY VIEWS FROM RETIRED TEACHERS.


yeah it was good

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