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Neon Abyss | "Run and Gungeon"


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Couple of things are starting to annoy me. One is the hitches that keep happening on the X, where it'll just stutter and it's enough for you to walk into a bullet.


The other is some of the companions are fucking annoying and not being able to dismiss them means you lose hearts when you need then, like when the cat makes them moldy or when blue doctor steals them and then decides not to spawn a shield.

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I'm mixed on this one but I've had too many runs where I never even got to swap out my starter gun. Sure it was far more powerful than when I started but a game like this needs to be throwing guns at you left right and center.


There's some infuriatingly bad level generation too. Use a grenade to get into a room containing more walls containing more grenades. Leave with one less than you started and nothing else. I find wasting keys to open doors or chest more often than not isn't worth it.


I like it but it doesn't give you enough interesting stuff. I'd prefer something like Dead Cells which starts you with a random weapon every run. In fact I'm going to play that right now


Also mega slowdown on the Switch version at times. It doesn't even need lots of addons and eggs to trigger it. Some guns can do it easily.

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I'm finding this pretty hard on Normal, I've played for about 4hrs and only got to level 5 once, not even seen a Manager yet. 


Possibly connected to the above, what happens with upgrades? When I unlock one it gives me a 'free trial' in the next game but how do I use any of them in subsequent games?


I either need some tips or to drop down to Easy, the gameplay is enjoyable and I like the variety but lack of progress is putting me off. 

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This game is cool, but there's been a while bunch of things that made me think, "why?"


Why does the item drop in the floor when you buy it instead of going straight in your inventory?


Why does the woman you start with have knife on the same button as interact (I've ended up stabbing those crystal things one too many times for this reason)?


Why do I have to keep getting that goddamn cat with sunglasses that keeps turning all of my heart's to mould?


Why can't I read the item description of items in the shop, when I have a character that can read item descriptions?


Why do roulette doors break sometimes?


And a few other things.


Having said all of this, I do think the game is one of the better games of this type. I don't see it having the legs of Binding of Isaac or Enter the Gungeon, but I'm enjoying it overall.

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This game is doing its best to turn me off at the minute. I just had a run with the item that drops mines whenever you jump.  Joyless.  I had a little rock floating around me that blocks bullets, but every time it collides with the mine, it instantly explodes, so I had to make sure it was in the right position before jumping (not great in the middle of a firefight).

Also, did you want to jump on a stone platform? Too bad, take some damage.


On top of that,  I had the little bastard who keeps taking hearts and sometimes drops shields to replace them. Now, Binding of Isaac has this exact same mechanic, but in Isaac you have time to decide to grab the heart as he floats towards it,  or even leave the room and come back later for it. In this, he fucking ZOOMS, grabs up all the hearts before you have time to look up at your dwindling health bar.  The payout rate is fixed in Isaac (like, 1.5 hearts to 1 shield or something), whereas it seems to be random in this.  Frustrating when you just want some damn health because mines keep blowing up at your feet. 


I was already on quite low health because of this, but it's not even what killed me.  I ran into a new room and jumped up to a platform. An enemy spawned right on me in mid jump. Down to my last HP.  I finished the room and one of those purple chests spawned in on top of me. A stray bullet hit it, it turned into a spiky chest and killed me. 


Another one for the why list.  It's a cool game but it's really fucking up some basics and it's souring the whole experience.

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I think my biggest beef is the missed opportunity for strategy. Role playing should be about the decisions you make on your journey - playing this mostly feels like tooling up with as much as possible and unleashing that in each room / on each boss to get through.

Biggest example of this is the shops. Gungeon makes the value of items very clear by putting appropriate prices on them. In Neon Abyss, I save for the $70 gun, give it a quick try and then chuck it and go back to my old one - making items desirable by price would add *a lot*. It'd also be good if you could do more with the environment, e.g. shift barrels around to add a bit of puzzling to the brick breaking.


I do like:


The crystal / angry meter trade-off - that partly encourages you to make choices.
Picking up wings - which changed the game so dramatically first time I got them.
Synergies - e.g. the gun that has an action to hatch eggs, plus abilities that keep gifting you crystals / eggs.
Changing the game with the permanent upgrades - keeps it fresh.


I polished off Zeus on Normal, so I feel like I'm ploughing through. Getting through the bosses feels like it's largely about being lucky with synergising pickups.


It's fun, and I'd recommend it, but - for me - it's not in the same amazing league as Gungeon.

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Once you unlock Cole, he will trivialise one sort of resource (namely grenades) since you can use his land mines (infinite uses) to blow up stone doors. The only ones that are finicky are the stone walls that are mid-height so you can’t lay anything on the ground, do you keep regular grenades for those.

Also with his land mines you can do rocket jumps (also timing is a bit iffy) to reach double jump height places as well.

He is pretty much my go to character now.


I've also had way too many crashes and glitches in this. A few times when teleporting, the screen will go black, and I can still hear things, just can’t do anything to get the screen back other than resetting the game again, especially when you’re late on in the game and have a decent kit.


Also I’ve had the game hard crash once I’ve completed the all stages and gone through the exit portal. Black screen of death then the Nintendo error message.


And of course the frame rate on bosses. Shocking.

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For those on PC there's a new patch on the experimental branch with changes and fixes



[Removed] Vibrant Ball whilst we redesign it

Normal eggs will not hatch into controversial pets (Grabber, Dr. Blue, Jack, Peter)

A new kind of egg (naughty egg), it will not fail to hatch, but includes the controversial pets, you need to manually press interact button to pick this egg up.

Grenade projectile preview (not available in hard mode.)

Upgrade tree tweaked to be less grindy.

Extra gem drop for fixed bosses, each time you beat the last boss, you will be awarded extra gems based on your difficulty levels (max 21 extra on abyssa.l)

Wisdom progress will not be reset when violence path is triggered, it halves your current wisdom progress.

The first level shop will now be on 50% sale, also shop now displays item names.

You will now unlock more monsters by defeating managers, (previously, you have to unlock them on the unlock tree.)

Enemy bullets will now be displayed in front of player bullets.

Increase the duration of the item banner display.

Nerfed the movement speed for the second stage of McFamily bosses.

Slot machine door will open after self destruct.

Supports for more aspect ratios.


Bug Fixes



Potential fix for upgrade tree can not interactable bug

Fixed stats for certain monster and bosses so they will not be invincible to certain weapons

Fixed issue where stacked explosions might propel player/monster/boss out of the room on performance hitch

Fixed tracking weapons not able to lock on to Athena and Zeus

Fixed Saya's animation being stuck when in the air

Fixed being unable to show map and teleport bug with Heart of Fire

Fullscreen mode now locks cursor.


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On 15/07/2020 at 08:37, Stanshall said:

I just rarely find one that plays well to my tastes.


Instead of boring you with a list, I'll give you one dead cert.

Monolith and DLC



I know you're console only at the minute, but if you don't transcend to toaster-tier in the interim, I'll message you directly when I get the faintest whiff of a port.



On 15/07/2020 at 08:37, Stanshall said:

 I know that Spelunky may well be the GOAT but I've never had that moment with it that's given me the taste for more. If the sequel comes to the Switch...I also do prefer these in handheld, great downtime on the couch fodder. 


Aw man, I hope spelunky 2 does get a switch port. It has to, really. Derek loves nintendo, I can only imagine that it's part of the sony deal that he hasn't mentioned it yet.

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