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13 minutes ago, AI1 said:

I guess.


I want them to put something on the store that costs 50 crowns or 100,000 moon bucks. I haven't bought any of the cheaper items as I know as soon as I do they will do this.

Yeah im waiting for this,i want people to know im the man.....in my legendary sausage roll outfit 

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I'm pretty bad at this game - got to the final quote a few times but not yet scored a win. On the upside, it means that my son (who has won several crowns) can troll me for a change.


I'm not a fan of the team rounds, but I do like the one where each team needs to get a ball along a track and into the end goal. Top fun when the blue team dashed for the end zone at the start, to block other teams, leaving one guy behind to try to get the ball along the course all on his own.

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I'm level 14 but still haven't won a crown yet. 


Tonight I got into yet another final round and it was Fall Mountain. Right away I know I've got no chance of winning but somehow after the first few obstacles I notice I'm way ahead of everyone else. I get knocked down by a spinny mallet but I'm still ahead when my little guy finally gets back to his feet. I run up the final ramp and the timing of the crown going up and down is absolutely perfect! I can't believe my luck as I leap off the edge to glory, to finally receive my first ever crown! Except I didn't realise I needed to press grab to err.. grab the crown and instead bounce right off it to my impending doom.





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27 minutes ago, BeeJay said:

I'm enjoying this but why the hell haven't they fixed unbalanced team games yet. I just played football 4v5. From the start, one of my team mates went afk. 5v3, they won 9-1.

With ur rocket league skills bro that game should be a breeze :P:P

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