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Advice Required - Best way of playing NTSC GameCube games

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Evening all,


I thought I had sold all my GC/Wii/WiiU consoles and games ages ago but found them earlier this evening in the loft which was nice.


All the GC games are NTSC US and I no longer have an NTSC Gamecube. I do however have 2 PAL Wii's and an NTSC WiiU.


Just wondering if someone could tell me the options I have of playing them on the above hardware without having to buy a physical GameCube to play them on?





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On 09/07/2020 at 10:34, Kevvy Metal said:


Yes this. 

If you have a PAL Wii, mod that! ...or your Wii U if you prefer. 

Softmod it with the Homebrew channel and download something like Gecko. That will allow you to boot your ntsc-u gamecube discs. 




Freeloader doesn't work on the PAL Wii, so this is definitely the best - and maybe only - option available. Although there are a few NTSC GC games that still don't work. Midway Treasures 3 being one of them.

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Bit of an update on this.


Got the wii u out first but then realised that I can’t play the discs on there so that went back for now.


Fired up a wii but then noticed all the wii games were ntsc and didn’t work but it did have the homebrew channel on it, had a look at that and lo and behold gecko OS was on there already. Guess I must’ve gone this a few years ago and forgot hence the machine being PAL and all games NTSC.


Tried the disc of viewtiful joe and it worked flawlessly, all is good once again.


Thanks everyone for you help with this, goodness awaits!

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Had a mild panic when I couldn’t find a video cable but a component was lurking in the bottom of the bag, whacked that into the back of the amp.


gonna look more into how to rip gc games as it’ll be easier having it all going via hdmi I think, plus the wii u games too.

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Cleanrip will dump a 1:1 iso onto the sd card. 

then copy it off and use nkit On a pc to trim it down from 1.35GB (converttonkit.exe).

copy back as game.iso and use nintendont to run it. 

will work flawlessly and save the dvd drive/disc from wear and tear. 

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Thanks for the step by step, much appreciated.


Will buy a decent sized SD card and will try it out in a couple of weeks, do you know if a USB flash drive will work with a Wii U? Will be cheaper and smaller than an external hard drive is what I’m thinking.

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Yes it is. I did this myself to add the windwaker hack to my cube. This then boots Swiss. 

you want gcmm. 

Put a folder on your Wii sd card call sdbackup (I think) With your saves in. Then use gcmm to copy The saves to a memory card. You may need to rename them particularly. Also if you want to put a save exploit plus Swiss on, there isn’t enough space in a 59 block card. 

which save exploit are you wanting to use?

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Here’s the process:


downlod the windwaker save hack: https://github.com/FIX94/ww-hack-gc/


and latest version of Swiss https://github.com/emukidid/swiss-gc/releases


copy the correct save file to your mcbackup folder along with boot.dol from the Swiss distribution. 

Use gcmm to copy both to your memory card

fire up the cube with windwaker and the memory card in slot one (maybe fine with slot 2)


load windwaker, press start and Swiss should boot. 

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  • 5 weeks later...

Dug out my soft modded Wii to do some save game exploit and Swiss copy magic. Just need to finish before the missus gets off a conference call so she doesn't see the mess!


My SD2SP2 thingy is en route, but really I just want to be able to force Skies of Arcadia to use 480p right now.



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