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Rave.dj - use an AI to make mashups, sometimes it works! (sort of)


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Years ago I learned Hotel Yorba by the White Stripes on guitar, and I noticed it has the same chords and a similar tempo as Monty Python's Lumberjack Song. So it's quite easy to play it and switch from the verse of one to the chorus of the other.


So I plugged them into this...


The result isn't great (it mostly sticks pretty cleanly to one song or the other) but the transition at about 0:18 shows what I mean:




Here's another attempt at combining two comedy songs. Again the best blend happens at about 0:17 - and there's another one at 0:35:





Then I tried taking two of the sweariest songs I could think of: Tim Minchin's Pope Song, and South Park's Uncle Fucka. It doesn't work brilliantly (as Minchin's song dominates the audio) https://rave.dj/mjtXz-RFUo5YWQ (very NSFW, obviously!)


Then I tried combining the same thing with the Kyle's Mom song from South Park, as they're animated with similar character layouts. Again, Pope Song dominates the audio - but there are a couple of bits where the animation lines up:

https://rave.dj/KVLQjE0H8i5jCQ (even more NSFW!)

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12 hours ago, SomethingWitty said:

Pretty sure this isn’t what this is meant for, but reuniting covers with originals...


I was trying something similar, but with Sega tunes and the songs they'd ripped off. Most didn't really work.


This one kind of comes together at points, but it buries the vocal.







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1 hour ago, Nick R said:


Did you try this one?



It's another one where most of it doesn't really work, but there's a bit near the start where the game's drum fill plays at 0:14, immediately followed by the equivalent drums in the original.


Never even occurred tt me to try that one. It's always frustrating when the idea is sound, but the site can't quite bring it all together.

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This isn't particularly great, but it's the only come up with so far that is reasonably listenable.


0 Full Detox (Strapping Young Lad vs Hawaii Five 0)



Edit: This one is better:

Walkin Sun Legs (Smash Mouth vs ZZ Top)



Almost works, but Gaga gets cut off too early:

Illusion Don't Preach (Madonna vs Lady Gaga) 


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