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Longest hiatus between starting and finishing a game

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I started playing A Link to the Past in that glorious summer of 96. I was home for the summer back from uni and instead of working like all my friends were doing, I'd pretty much spent the whole summer waking up in the afternoons and gaming till the early hours and occasionally venturing out. 


At some point I'd got stuck somewhere in the game and that in conjunction with Resident Evil being released on the Playstation meant I left Zelda on the backburner to return to and complete.


Never happened... I still have the cartridge, although I'm guessing the battery backup has long since failed. 


Until now. Due to the wonders of emulation I've begun a new adventure and with the aid of save states and guides on Youtube I will complete it and finish what I started 24 years ago.   



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Must be something about Zelda games. As I’d noted in the games you’d finished thread, I picked up Ocarina of Time at launch, played it a whole bunch through to the final castle... and then stopped. Until just recently, when I played through the 3DS version, start to finish. Lovely bit of software, that one.


Hmm. Still haven’t finished Twilight Princess. Maybe that next.

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Played Donkey Country with my son when he was little but never finished, played it further with him years after, via emulation, never finished it, then last year we completed it together on the Wii-U 20-odd years later.

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I got King Kong and Condemned with my January 2006 360s.


They took me a couple of years to complete




and Tomb Raider Legend in April 2006



Other than that, I was still trying to complete the Xbox version of XIII (2003)  in 2015




in fact, I'm half-tempted to take this post from 2012 and update it for this thread. Not to add new games to it, just update the status of the games list since then:



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Games that I've never finished but are still hanging over my head, and sort of vaguely intend to complete one day:


  • StarFlight (Mega Drive) - started in 1996. Started new games a few times on emulators a few times over the years, but never got very far into the actual "story" - I mostly just spent ages mining planets.
  • Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future (Dreamcast) - started 2002. Obviously playing it again now would require a restart.
  • Skies of Arcadia (Dreamcast) - started 2002. I think I probably last played it properly in about 2005. I haven't touched my DC in about a decade (since it acquired the infamous resetting problem, which I've never got round to fixing).
  • Deus Ex (PC) - started 2003, got to the Paris Catacombs. Reinstalled it a few times but never got that far again.
  • Grim Fandango (PC) - started 2003 and got to the petrified forest. A PC upgrade stopped me playing it for a long time. Bought the remastered version in 2015 but didn't get far.
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (GBA) - started in 2005, got to the final boss, never finished it, sold my GBA. Started it again on emulator but didn't get far.
  • Jet Set Radio HD (Xbox 360) - I started and finished the Dreamcast version within a few months in about 2003. I've had the Xbox 360 HD version has on the go since 2012. :lol:
  • Metal Gear Solid 3 HD (Xbox 360) - I still count the PS2 version as one of my favourite games ever, and I completed it several times. But I've never felt the same urge to finish the remaster: my saved game for the 360 version began in 2013, and still isn't done.
  • Final Fantasy VII (PC) - I got the Steam version in 2015. Steam says my total play time is 92 minutes. :lol:

And then you have the stuff like Super Meat Boy and Crypt of the Necrodancer, which I'll obviously never be good enough to finish. :(


The game that I did complete eventually after the longest gap: Dark Souls. Started it in December 2013, then several months later I left it on hold. Picked it up again and reached the Gaping Dragon, where I left it again for over a year. Returned in 2017 and defeated it... then my 360's HDD died. Started again in January 2019 and finished it about a month ago, which I wrote about here:



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I think there’s a difference between starting a game again from scratch, often on another platform entirely and returning to the same game file you originally started. For instance I can say I still haven’t finished Secret of Mana as I got to the last boss but didn’t beat it as I wasn’t sure at the time to to damage it and then lost my save file due to how I used a wildcard and saving on the system itself which was temporary. I now have a SNES mini and at somebody point I’ll likely have another pop at it making it at least about 25 years. 


Dragon Quest VIII took me about 2 years because I left it for a long time with it being long anyway and eventually returned back to the game again but continuing on same save file. I’d say that is probably the longest I’ve spent where I’ve decided to return back and finish off the same game file I started. Think I ended up spending about 145 hours on that in the end so no wonder I put it on hold for ages. 

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Currently replaying FFIX which I started in 2000 with the intention of completing it at last.


Other than that, due to the joys of emulation I reckon is was about twenty odd years between starting finally finishing Action Biker and Impossible Mission on the C64.

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I got to the end of the 1st Mass Effect this month, which I first played when it came out in 2006 (?) 

I've previously went back to it a few times in the intervening years but never persevered with it until this month, lock down boredom spurred me on. 


It was OK, I enjoyed it enough to buy 2 and 3 for 5.99 each from the store. I've been a bit put off now though after reading someone in a thread say that you need some DLC to get the best out of the games but it's no longer available apparently. 


Anyone got any opinions on whether it's worth continuing without DLC? I'm about 5 hours in on ME2. 

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FF 13, started on release, or just after, when it came to BC on X1, I found that my save was still there, from 2012, 1st of Jan, so I fied it up on the 16th of Nov 2018, yesterday I started playing again, have put 4 hours in so far, definitely the longest I've taken to go back to a game, think I might even try to finish it now.



It's still shit, but looks lovely on the X1X.

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Skies of Arcadia. Almost finished when the PAL version game out. I stopped to study for some uni exams (which I think I failed anyway) and tried to go back a few times but wasn't in the right frame of mind for random battles.


I now own the PAL and NTSC DC ones and Legends on the GC. Legends is teed up to play when I finish Chrono Trigger.

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