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Your next gen price predictions

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9 hours ago, Vespa Alex said:

Agreed. I’m trying to remember how much big box Amiga games were. £15-20 rings a bell, and that was 30 years back. 


£19.99 early on, £24.99 until the VAT rise 15-17.5% which made £25.99 the "traditional" price point up towards the end although there were £30s and £35s especially around strategy games.


That said, I vividly remember Microprose announcing they were going to £44.99 on PC from April 1993.  So that's 33% rise tops in 27 years.

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Assuming the reported material cost was accurate:


PS5 - $500 and considering the £ is worthless versus the $USD compared to 2013, probably close to that in £GBP.


Xbox Series X - match or beat whatever price Sony charge I expect, even if the BOM is similar.

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On 07/07/2020 at 22:57, Alex W. said:

The Atari VCS Shitshow is $399, so I'd now like to posit that either the PS5 Digital Edition or the base Xbox Series X will be cheaper than that out of sheer cosmic spite.




Microsoft did manage to release a next-gen Xbox for less than this piece of shit!

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On 23/06/2020 at 08:10, Alex W. said:

Xbox Series X: £449

2021 Series S/Lockhart (Series X @ 1080p): £349


PS5 - £399


But that’ll be the digital edition, so:


Real PS5 - £449

And so the story will still be that the two consoles cost exactly the same. Probably someone high up in Sony lost an argument about releasing the digital edition as the “real” PS5 and calling the disk one “legacy edition” or something.


Completely underestimated the fight for the low end but otherwise I think I did pretty well here.

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On 23/06/2020 at 20:58, glb said:

PS5 Digital = £389

PS5 Full = £449

Not too far out.


Happy to wait it out another year or so. Wasn’t disappointed with the PS5 reveal, just there’s nothing there at launch to really inspire a feeling of ‘must-buy’.


Got a few games to polish off from this gen’s pile. The upcoming releases I’m interested in will look and play fine on a Pro. By Christmas 2021 reckon the full version will be £399 by which time I’d be happy to upgrade.

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