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Need for Speed Hot Pursuit: Remastered

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It's good to be back in Seacrest County. It took a bit of time to accustom myself to the drifting - you have to tap the brake, not hold it - but man, that handling still feels good. The cars feel incredibly solid and powerful, and the way you can properly micromanage drifts is fantastic. You really feel like you're riding a tonne of steel at 160mph.

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Not yet, if you can be patient there's bound to be some footage up today or this weekend

10 minutes ago, Gotters said:

my head tells me get this on PS4 Pro, but my heart says Switch - just turning on my PS4 to play Fall Guys makes me angry, I hate it as a console.


any word on the Switch version yet and if its shite ?



This seems the most solid video I could find from 3 weeks ago. Looks pretty solid. It's marked at when the gameplay starts. If you're unsure I'd wait till after the weekend to see if there's any more immediate and recent footage.

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16 minutes ago, Darhkwing said:

I played the switch version last week and it holds up pretty well. It looks/plays mostly like the ps4 base version.


However, ive gone for the PC version and im still waiting for my code to activate =/

Same here. Did you go with CDKeys? I find they get later and later with sending out keys. 

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14 hours ago, Dave White said:

Damn you to hell @McSpeed Ill beat your bloody time. 

Best racer ever 

It starts again :D


Bloody time in which event btw?


9 hours ago, KriessG said:

My copy arrived a day early :) I’m looking forward to some ‘muk sessions soon.

PSN is Kr1355G (Although I mainly purchased this as I was tagged in this thread :lol:).

Sweet Kris! Looking forward to playing with you again :)


2 hours ago, michaelemm said:

 i’d really appreciate some autolog friends for this please ! Help an an old man out and add me on ps4 michaelemm , thanks ! 

Just accepted your request!


1 hour ago, McCoy said:

Is autolog cross gen this time? I'll be playing on Xbox - GT: Clipperblue 

It is cross-gen, both autolog and direct online lobbies.


Please share your in-game EA ID for this, can be found in-game in the Online menu :)

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40 minutes ago, Darhkwing said:


let me know how you get on! 

We are working on delivering these keys anytime today, however we are unable to provide an exact time for delivery. We'll send a notification via email once the product keys are sent out.


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Started up, went o choose car, the car model didn't load but chose a colour and jumped into a race.


Only the hud has loaded, can't see anything else. If i accelerate etc it sounds like I'm in game but no visuals.


Force quit and restart and it's exact same. I'm now uninstalling and downloading again :doh:


On One X. My ea thing is HP-Alshie I think



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47 minutes ago, Disgraced Toblerone said:

EA ID : MW-Swissxaxa


feel free to add an old very bad gamer.


I forgot how fun it was. The sense of weight of the cars is very satisfying!


the EA friend thing doesn’t seem to let you add ea friends on the same platform ? is that how it’s suppposed to be ? 

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11 minutes ago, Mortis said:

Is anyone else on base Xbox getting weird sound stutters?

 Hopefully it’s just my creaky old Xbox and the new one next week will sort it. 


Deleting and reinstalling fixed my visual issues. Sound seems ok

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