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Your favourite game from when you were twelve

Captain Kelsten

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I didn't have my own machine until 1986 (Amstrad CPC 6128). In 1982 my gaming fix would come from arcades.


Ironically, my preferred coin-op at the time wasn't available in any arcade in my town, but in a bar at the bus station, the awesome Crazy Climber.

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1 hour ago, gossi the dog said:


Suikoden 2 wasn’t released in the US until 1999 and not in Europe until 2000.

I can speak fluent Japanese





(I cant, I just remember playing it as a kid, I’m pretty sure I imported from King Cat when it came out in the US)

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20 minutes ago, CovisGod said:

I can speak fluent Japanese





(I cant, I just remember playing it as a kid, I’m pretty sure I imported from King Cat when it came out in the US)


It’s an amazing game. The original Suikoden (not quite as good but still awesome) was the first NTSC game I bought, simply because it was cheaper to buy the American version, a boot disk and an RGB cable (so it wouldn’t be in black and white on my TV) than it was to buy the PAL version which was crazy expensive even 20 years ago.

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In 1987 it was undoubtedly still Elite on the Speccy, but I put a lot of time into R-Type and Double Dragon in the arcade during that period. Although all-time fave to this day Dungeon Master came out in 1987 I didn't play it until a couple of years later.

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Although they were released before I turned 12, I think it was a draw between Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja, Operation Thunderbolt or Double Dragon in the arcades. Didn't really have a proper console at that age yet. 


Hang on, I did have an Amiga 500 at the time, and I think both the excellent Ninja Spirit and Cabal conversions were the ones I put the most time in.

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13 hours ago, Timmo said:

I was 12 in 1996, and I'd love to say Super Mario 64, or Quake, or Resident Evil, which all came out that year, but the closest I came to playing Mario 64 was being wowed by it when someone came round to buy a monitor off us and tested it out on it in front of me. At that point I had a mega drive and my favourite game was probably something a bit shit like Animaniacs because I was a dumb kid.

:D Well the MegaDrive was pretty decent graphics and sound. The Spectrum had trouble with 8 colours and had a beeper for sound. :)



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It was 1999 so Pokemon Red, WWF Attitude and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater all got major playtime.


My favourite game would have been Championship Manager 3 though. ^_^


What a time to be alive! Honestly, thinking back to then, it was brilliant - I played games so much and had tons of choice cos my dad had our Playstation “chipped“ and used to come home from work with a massive list of games (and music CDs) and we could choose any we wanted. Amazing.

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It would appear that Renegade came out in 1987 for my Spectrum 48k.


As I never tire of saying - it's the game that I loved so much that I had a quote printed in Edge about it.


I can't remember the quote entirely, but it was something along the lines of 'kneeing people in the groin never gets old'.


And indeed it doesn't.


Despite it all being simple bleeps and bloops, those sounds were all I needed to utterly destroy the foul gangs of New York, and I have absolutely no shame in saying that the day I clobbered Big Bertha was a day long remembered in the house-hold. 

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11 hours ago, Jammy said:

There was only one game I was spending my pocket money on that summer....



I can't argue with this, absolute arcade perfection. Closely followed by:




The arcades in 1983 can't be beat. Chock full of classics like these two above, Defender, Bomb Jack etc.

Obviously at home I was playing Spectrum games. Wheelie, Jetpac, Manic Miner and Atic Atac were faves back then.

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I was 12 in 1985.


At home - Elite on the Spectrum blew my mind. I think it still does a bit.


In the arcade - My local leisure centre had Pac-Land and Kung-Fu Master. I will still happily play both today.

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On 19/06/2020 at 23:36, Doctor Shark said:

There's a thing going round on twitter now asking people to name their favourite game from when they were twelve. I don't know why they picked twelve, seems random, but hey, why not?


I was twelve in 1994. Looking at the list of games released in 1994 and there were some proper crackers:


- Super Metroid

- Donkey Kong Country

- Earthbound

- Earthworm Jim

- Warcraft: Orcs and Humans 

- Mortal Kombat 2

- Aladdin

- NBA Jam

- Secret of Mana


And loads more besides. 


What a year!


What games were released when you were twelve?



I was also 12 in 1994, and Xmas 93 was when I received my first console, a SNES with Mario Allstars and Aladdin. Allstars would have to rank pretty highly in my list of favourite games (SMB3 in particular if you dint like the compilation), so probably that.


Of course back then, there is no way I was keeping up with the release curve so the chances of getting a 1994 release in 1994 was pretty slim!

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1985, so I was at my most hedonistic arcade dwelling phase.

Space Harrier in the articulated cab was astonishing.Ghouls’n’Ghosts and Gauntlet sucked me in for hours until my 10p’s ran out.


But I think my favourite game that year must have been Kung Fu Master. I played it endlessly and could clock it twice in a row on a single life at one point. Still some of the most satisfying kicks and punches in gaming.


At home my faves would have been Paradroid and Frankie Goes to Hollywood that year.

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I was 12 in 1988. I had a Spectrum +2. It was the first computer released under Amstrad. It looked rubbish as it was grey but it was a Spectrum. The 48k Spectrum with rubber keys is still one of best tech designs. That branding was abandoned by Amstrad and the +2 was plastic, grey and didn't feel like a true Spectrum.


Emlyn Hughes International Soccer

I don't play football sims any more but this game was regularly in the tape deck. You could customise your team name and kit and the players names. I spent a lot of time playing up front with Maradonna for my School team.





Rockstar Are My Hamster

Football manager games were all over the place but in this, you managed a band. It was ridiculous and wasn't really much of a game. 

It was really quite shit.




Target Renegade

This was probably my favourite Spectrum game. Renegade was good but this was an amazing sequel. Double Dragon is the obvious influence. 

Beating up prostitutes never got old.




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19 hours ago, Valver said:

I had a C64 in 1985 and was absolutely hooked on playing Paradroid!




On the speccy it was called Quazatron. I played this so many times and absolutely loved it. The AI was pretty ropey and it was fairly easy but it was just an amazing concept. This and Target Renegade were my two favourite Speccy games.

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I was 12 in 1987, and the only game I had eyes for was released the year before: 




However, being a city boy, the only time I got to play this was during the summer holidays, when we'd spend a week in a static caravan by the sea. And as Jake Gyllenhaal says in Brokeback Mountain, a couple of high altitude fucks once or twice a year just isn't enough. 


It's interesting that the age we're looking at is 12. We've recently changed schools, so our world perspective should be wider, more contact with other kids who play games, and yet at 12 you may have very little control over what you get to play at home. 


My friends had Amstrads, mostly (one bright lad had a Spectrum, another a C64, but back then you just want what the other kids have). So I asked my parents for a home computer, mentioned the Amstrad (CPC 464), they passed this information on to my Grandfather, who turned up from Hong Kong with the most basic PC you can possibly imagine. 


At the time, 12 year old me was like /sigh 'thanks Grandpa'. It did, however, come with a typing tutor, which had a game in it where you had to type the words as the fell down the screen, so I played that a lot. I can touch type really fast, so I'm grateful. So that's my favourite game when I was 12 - a typing tutor. 





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I was 12 in September 1991, that's when I went from a C64 to a MegaDrive and sweet Christ what a jump that was the first time I fired up Sonic.


However 91 was also the year where I first played Street Fighter 2 in the arcade (I think and pretty sure the SNES version was '92 otherwise I think I'd have chosen the SNES over the MD), must have been on holiday and was blown away by it.


I also played Another World on a friend's Amiga (and would later play the MD version but I think that came out the year after). Another World really was something else and that's the game of the year for me.

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Streets of Rage 2 according to Wiki, though I'm sure I didn't get it til my 13th birthday in 1993?


Otherwise, Desert Strike, Sonic 2 or Road Rash 2. I was glued to my Mega Drive in those days! 

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1992 for me and I only had an Amiga. So i was hooked on

  • FA-18 Interceptor
  • Lemmings
  • Speedball 2
  • Exile
  • James Pond 2 : Robocod
  • Robocop 2
  • New Zealand Story
  • Hard Drivin
  • Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge
  • Xenon 2
  • F29 Retaliator (that one is still my favourite flight sim of all time was amazing)
  • Mortal Kombat 1/2 (in the arcade)
  • And then playing to death every demo disk I could get my hands on.
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