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EA Play 2020 - Midnight Tonight


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EA will be farting out their typically dire (not)E3 showcase event at midnight tonight. This year they're promising to, "connect players with the franchises they love" and heaven help you if that sounds like something you're actually prepared to sacrifice sleep for. :P


Aside from EA's usual deluge of sports coverage, we're being promised a first look at gameplay from Star Wars: Squadrons and we may get a look at the rumoured Mass Effect Trilogy: Remastered. Battlefield 6 is unlikely to be there as it's not due to be released until winter 2021, but Apex Legends fans will probably be treated to an update, which rumour has it will include an announcement of cross play support.


At least one surprise is being promised, which many think could be the announcement of a new game in the Dragon Age franchise, if indeed the aforementioned Mass Effect remaster isn't it!




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There’s so few EA games or franchises that I can still summon any excitement for. They’ve managed to completely destroy all my enthusiasm for BioWare and Star Wars games. Even if they pulled out an old franchise I love that they’ve never made a shit version of before, it’s most likely to be terrible like when the bought SSX back and ruined it. If they announced Skate 4 I’d probably still not be that excited. 

I hope they announce HD remasters of SSX3 and Skate 2.

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My big prediction is that if there’s a Mass Effect remaster, it’ll:


A) Be three £20 purchases
B) Even on Switch where it’ll only run at 720p30 docked somehow

C) Have the DLC as separate purchases
D) Except for a £200 complete edition which includes a terrible figurine.

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F) Each character is purchased via a real money blind card trading system that shows that the chance of you getting your favourite is inversely proportional to the number of hours you played with them in your 360/PS3 saves.

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