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Really don't understand people who imply REVII looked average, as if texture resolution is an objective measurement of good graphics, rather than the overall aesthetic. In terms of atmosphere it was a triumph, that's all that matters.

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Yeah, I'm surprised anyone has any major gripes about it, but I think it has some scaling based on hardware, so perhaps if you play it on a base console it doesn't seem quite as arresting.

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I think it's fair to say that I'm rather excited for this - the demo was short yes but an awesome surprise!

I thought playing through RE7 in VR was a revolution in gaming - I've never felt so genuinely unsettled and terrified playing a game before and it was an experience like nothing else that's come before it. I've since played through Half Life: Alyx, and while it may possibly be the better VR game (I'm still undecided), it just cannot match the truly disgusting atmosphere of RE7.

If I'm honest, I really do wish they would go back to a third person perspective because for me that's the definitive RE experience, but after playing the short demo for this on PS5 I am definitely 100% on the hype train. So, although I have a few games to finish (Hitman 3 in particular - wow how good is that?) I thought once I am done, a playthrough of Resi 1-7 is in order to lead nicely on to this one. Having limited time, I would probably have to only include main/numbered entries (so no Code Veronica although I do love it, no Revelations etc), and probably stick to the remakes rather than originals. I thought perhaps it could go in this order:

Resident Evil 0 HD
Resident Evil 1 Remake HD
Resident Evil 2 Remake

Resident Evil 3 Remake

Resident Evil 4 HD
Resident Evil 5 HD
Resident Evil 6 HD
Resident Evil 7 VR

Oh - and one more thing... Event though the molded in RE7 were a little generic, I just can't imagine how horrifying RE1/RE2 type spiders or hunters would be in VR. I am a total arachnophobe, and the RE1 remake spiders give me the chills, so i genuinely think in VR it would just be too much to handle. I wonder if that's why they haven't included them in VR or the recent remakes? :)

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I only just got around to playing the demo. It was ok, a bit muddy looking. I was expecting more visually I think. I also continue to find Capcom's HDR calibration screens baffling. Move the slider until both the red and blue sides are the same size - eh? I don't understand how the size of the bars relate to anything, am I being dense?

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I recently finished 4 on switch which was great to run through again, I'm currently stuck in a bit of a loop playing runs of RE2 & 3 Remakes, by the sounds of it I should really give 7 a go in PSVR.

Maybe it's time to pony up for that mega preorder of this on PS4/5 that has 7 thrown in? It's like import games back in the day money though :D

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