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(PS5/PC) Forspoken


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I still have no idea what to make of this game. I love the landscape and in general the visuals look pretty nice, but by god the character design and animations are ropey as hell. Coming from something like Horizon Forbidden West, there's a huge chasm in the quality that is kind of disappointing. I think the game uses the Decima engine doesn't it? The same one that FFXV used? I think that game looks considerably better, even now.


Gameplay-wise? Fuck knows what's going on.


I really hope it all pans out - I genuinely love a good fantasy setting. Hard to tell how this one's going to go though.

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This is painfully average. Ubisoft magic Assasins Creed style map and way pointing. Lots of chests to loot and enemy drops.

Visuals seem to have taken a hit from the initial reveal trailer.


The magic parkour feels quite janky, this might need to be levelled up but initially you run along with a sort of charge up/slight pause every few seconds. It’s also not great for climbing, in reality it’s just makes you run fast.


Combat is just hammering R2 whilst waiting for abilities to cool down and spamming them. Enemy lock on is sporadic, you can lock on but from what I could tell it will lock on to something else if it gets too close, which is more annoying than useful.


There is some edgy chatter between you and a…bracelet.


The world is more or less empty bar the enemies (this was mentioned previously) but rather than a shadow of the colossus style eerily quiet world it just feels dead.


There’s probably some fun in there but I can’t see anyone walking away thinking this is going to be amazing. Probably needs another year in development.

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There’s a setting to turn off voices altogether (or at least to reduce to 0%) but nothing specific to stop the constant whittering during combat. 


I spent 10 mins on it, feels very generic and not even visually that great. Maybe there’s a good game in there but I was falling asleep. 

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Played the demo, feels pretty rough. It's got some neat tricks to its magic combat, but it's built on the miserable framework which is FFXV's combat with its weird floaty animations and terrible enemy feedback.


I like the magic tho. Fun layering it together, got kind of a dragon's dogma thing. Don't see this being much more than a high 60-something on metacritic tho, unless the finished product is a huge glow up in visuals and framerate

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I went back in and played some more, I changed my mind. I had a really good time this time, just takes some figuring out. It's a combat system which has got to be studied a little bit. Not at the level of a Nioh or DMC or anything like that, but more than Kingdom Hearts or FFXV at least to compare it to other Square games


I still think it's maybe a 6/10. But a strong 6/10, something where the good parts will make up for the generic bits



I recommend playing it in SDR btw. HDR looks awful in this.


My impression of combat is your r2 spam melee moves are your main damage moves, and your cooldowns set up safe opportunities to spam them. Other than that you need to hang back a bit and spam the 'gun' attack.


The radial wheel is not very clean to use, I wish they had a better shortcut mapping system. But I think it works well enough, especially if you set it to pause on opening the wheel and play it like FFVII Remake's wait mode a bit

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The radial menus are awful.  Can’t be doing with constantly going into menus in the middle of a fight.


why can’t they make it like the new Witcher 3 spell mapping?


anyway if you pick the fire sword it is a melee attack, it plays like a hack and slash which made it bearable for me.

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A thing I've found is there's lots of enemies with resistances in this game, so I'd imagine in the full game you won't be constantly popping cooldowns as such cause a bunch of them will probably be useless anyway. Most of the time it's going to be 'cast a spell, take advantage of the situation to charge up some powerful melee attacks (which also return some cooldown back to you)'


Someone on resetera found this thing where the charged up versions of attacks can come out instantly from certain situations, tho I don't really understand why it works like that. But it basically allows you to weave certain actions like spells and dodges into super powerful AOE and line AOE crowd control with really high damage. It's cool




I'm really looking forward to this now, will probably skip like 90 percent of the cutscenes tho and keep cuff banter turned off


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On 09/12/2022 at 21:46, Strafe said:

They have 38 days until release so I’m thinking that might be tricky


Playable demos aren't usually the latest cutting edge build of the game and games can improve over the final month before release. You can see the difference between the Gold Master that they have to send to physical manufacturing weeks before release and the Day1 Patch version for how much improvement you can sometimes get in a relatively short period of time.

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41 minutes ago, Festoon said:

So let me get this straight...you need a 5000 quid machine to play this? Lol.

People will go out and get a second, third, and fourth job just to play Forspoken!



Tbh I thought the demo was shite. Wouldn't even bother if it was on game pass or plus.

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I wonder if it's just very very cautious spec'ing and wanting to avoid getting it in the neck when they say 30 FPS 1080p on something between the minimum and recommended spec but it drops a few frames that most people notice.

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