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3 hours ago, Alan Stock said:

Sure - endgame spoilers follow:

Thanks! Great info.



My boy is pretty aware of things - for example in one of Lizbert's videos Eggabell is depressed and he said "aww she's sad and lizbee is going to make her happy" - but at the same time hasn't really got a full grasp of implications, etc... The snap squashing will all be fine I think.


I think I'll keep going with it for a bit and see how we get on. To be fair he just came home from school while I was playing Demon Souls so I went straight back to the Nexus to turn it off and he got slightly grumpy at me that I wouldn't let him sit on my knee to show him how to get the baddies. I've created a monster. :lol:

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9 hours ago, MagicalDrop said:

Roughly how many hours does it take to complete the main storyline? I'm about 2 hrs in, not quite hooked but equally it's a bit early to bail out. 

Daughter is 15 hours in and not finished yet.

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1 hour ago, Flub said:

Are some of you playing this with young children? Did you read the article on Kotaku about the ending?




So long as it doesn't have the cunts and fucks and executions that PEGI 7 Horace does on the Switch, it's fine.

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And now, a sequel bump!


Well, not quite. There's new DLC on the way, which is basically acting as a sequel. A new island appears, filled with giant Bugsnax (called Bigsnax). Supposedly this DLC is full game sized. Oh, and it's FREE.





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This out today on Gamepass isn't it? I've set it to download once it becomes available anyway.


The Bugsnax song still gets me from that original trailer, so catchy (and odd)



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They used a Kero Kero Bonito track in Hullraisers the other week - never heard it before but recognised the group immediately :)




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Not often I notice or care about voice actors but had to look up Gramble as soon as he spoke. Confirmed it was Sam Riegel from Critical Role.


About 1.5 hours in and enjoying this so far. Nothing too challenging yet. Returned about 3 people to town and enjoying the relaxed questing set by the townsfolk.

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9 minutes ago, Quest said:

It chugs on Series X too often for my liking, particularly in the town. I can't imagine the Switch version is great.


This would be one of my two issues with the game. Performance in the village is often poor.


The other would be that the game is broadly a bit easy so far (all but one villager found I think). I'd probably only be complaining if it was any harder and there are occasions where I've caught snax or achieved an objective without quite understanding how (interactions between snax lead to some odd scenarios).


Not finished yet but so far  think it's a great game. Nice enough story, great voice acting, some laughs at throw away comments, puns/naming fun, and just solid gameplay for the most part. It's a nice world to explore and just such a pleasant one to be in.


It's exactly my thing. Chilled, basically no fail, fun. This is gaming to me.


There's a bit of Viva Pinata and Pokemon here. Maybe even a pinch of Silicon Valley. I'd love to see them explore ideas around using the snaxs to manipulate yourself to solve puzzles.

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1 hour ago, thesnwmn said:

There's a bit of Viva Pinata and Pokemon here. Maybe even a pinch of Silicon Valley.


It's Bioshock 2 only Viva Pinata.

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Just seeing this topic jump back to page one made me a little bit happy thinking about this game. 
 I found it a bit weird and unusual and silly and had a really good time with it.


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