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Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX


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I started out lukewarm but, man, if I haven't enjoyed my time with Alex Kidd this week! It's been really fun to relearn this game and it's surprising easy once you get used to the controls. Finished about 5 times over now, got the platinum and got a run down which means I can finish without continuing.


Some thoughts and things I've noticed:

1) Peddlecopter section are much easier as it moves upwards less quickly

2) Some slight design changes to the stages including some more generous spacing, slower moving traps, fires that don't move and ladders which you can automatically stand on top of

3) Bosses are much harder - there is definitely a new meta to learn because of it - currently the Forest boss and Paperhead seem the new difficulty points

4) Absolutely love the new stages. All of them! They really flesh out the game to be a bit better rounded. Neat that they fit into the original map - I always expected a Desert level when I saw the original map. City of Radaxian actually is a proper level now too.

5) Movement is exactly as I remember - the issue folks are having is that he has basically no momentum at all. It's actually incredibly precise with no room for mistakes

6) The Classic mode that unlocks afterwards isn't worthwhile - they acknowledge it isn't 121 and it shows - I had some pretty terrible bugs where I warped. Speaking of which...

7) Game is lacking a bit of polish in some areas - destroyed money blocks reappear when exiting shops, very inconsistent check pointing, and a strange peddlecopter death that shouldn't happen on Swamp level. I think these things will get fixed.

8 Really love the music! Really love the visuals! Far less repetitive. The new stages in particular sound and look great:



Long and short of it is - if you genuinely love the original game, and not some rose-coloured nostalgic haven't played it on years view of it, then you will absolutely adore this.


SMS Sonic got me into videogames, but Alex the Kidd was the game which tested my persistence and really honed my platforming skills. Something I think still holds true on this remake.


Also: Alex the Grandkidd:



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30 minutes ago, MW_Jimmy said:

I started out lukewarm but, man, if I haven't enjoyed my time with Alex Kidd this week!


This is how it went for me, too! I went for an all collectibles runthrough and enjoyed it so much I did it in one sitting !


I think I was a bit too hard on it before. Knowing that the ? boxes always go ring>reaper>life is a total game changer. 


Still wish the music was a little better, some of it is brilliant (the underwater sections and radaxian village are really good) but stuff like the castle needed a bit more pop.


The main theme should've been really triumphant like Tee Lopes version



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Can anyone tell me what the differences are in the classic version to the original?


Have they changed the controls? Having just been though the normal game and then trying classic mode I felt Alex controlled much better.


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On 26/06/2021 at 22:16, MK-1601 said:

Not to derail the thread further, but just to point out that the original Alex Kidd wasn't designed with international marketability in mind, at all. When I said it was riffing on a Japanese kids' TV show, I mean one that was on Japanese kids' TV when it was being made. Monkey was years earlier and it's unlikely the devs knew or cared it had been picked up for US/UK/Australian markets. It's a different Journey to the West show. I'm now going to listen to Japan Channel 1980s streaming radio on YouTube until the soundtrack album cover comes up again and I can prove I'm not going mental.


This was what I was trying to describe six months ago:




HOWEVER. I think that's also wrong, as a bit more searching on the "Son Goku no Daibouken" name reveals:




Which is proooobably the closest Alex Kidd similarity:




Mystery solved :ph34r:



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