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30 Day Game Music Challenge

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‪Day 28: music that makes you nostalgic‬

‪Sim City (SNES) - title‬


‪The first Sim City I played, I loved it, this music just does something to my brain.  Then I moved on to SC2000 and I sunk many years into it.‬



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‪Day 29 - Final Boss Music‬

‪Shadow of the Colossus - Demise of the Ritual‬


‪Really had to think about this one, my 1st choice I’d stupidly used for boss theme & 2nd is tomorrow’s game. I just can’t remember any game I’ve played while doing this…‬


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Day 30: Credits Music

Persona 3 - Memories of You


It couldn’t be anything else, a piece of music that can still bring a tear to my eye 11 years after I originally heard it.



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