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Joust (C64) long lost now found and released

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This is amazing. 






Ken got in touch with GTW yesterday and informed us that the game was recovered from the archive of a retired programmer who used to work for Roklan.  It was found on an 8-inch CP/M disk that was labelled “Popeye” and had the full source code and hex image to be able to create a CRT image.

We learn that the game was coded by Joe Hellesen at Roklan Corporation, and Ken plans to show the game in public for the first time since 1984, at the VCFMW/ECCC show in September (if it goes ahead).  The CRT will be released after the show, or earlier if the show doesn’t happen and will be added to the GTW64 site.







edit. The whole story can be found at https://www.gamesthatwerent.com/gtw64/joust/

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14 hours ago, merman said:

Speaking of Games That Weren't and Frank Gasking, Bitmap Books is launching pre-orders for Frank's new "Games That Weren't" book tomorrow (2nd of June)...


I've just pre-ordered it now.  It looks great.


In fairness, all of their books are great in my opinion.

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22 minutes ago, andynick said:

When I saw the topic I thought "That can't be right, I had Joust on tape for my C64". Turns out I had Jouste instead by IJK Software.  Oh well :P


That was one I didn't have...


I've just watched a video of that.


The Joust I had played better/faster with better sounds and the scale of the sprites compared to the background was more accurate.


I have occasionally seen screenshots of Jouste and questioned my memory but watching it on Youtube has removed all doubt.

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