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Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (Switch) - May 29th


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On 22/03/2023 at 17:35, JoeK said:

This is such a delightful game. It’s like a brilliant anime series full of bonkers stuff happening all the time.


And it’s all the good type of bonkers.


And the soundtrack. I know its good when I find myself  humming it randomly.



The original Wii special edition came with a mp3 soundtrack.

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Eep. I have come to a standstill. Everything so far has been perfectly doable, but I'm stuck inside Bionis' lung on Chapter 17 and I cannot for the life of me beat some lady who's merged herself with the brother of Melia and is now kicking my arse all the time.


The really annoying thing is I'm not seeing what I'm doing wrong - there was one time that I almost had her, but every time I fight her now her health is just not going down as it should.


I might need to do some grinding...or at least do a few more side-quests.

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