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Sensible World of Soccer 2020 - wonderful mod!

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I debated which folder to put this in but since it's a new mod, has 2020 in the title and is OBJECTIVELY more fun than modern football games I think it deserves to be in the main folder?


The PC release of SWOS was the only version I ever owned myself after hammering it on my mates' Amigas and it never felt right to me so every time I've had a hankering to go back to the game it's never lasted all that long, especially since I could never get Amiga emulation going properly. I had one of those hankerings yesterday and Googled to see if there were any alternative databases or whatever and was intrigued to find a lot of results referring to 'SWOS 2020'. I didn't really expect that much out of it, least of all an actual dream come true.


Essentially this easily-installed mod (which has versions for both PC and Amiga) updates the players and dates to the modern day, adds in-game Xinput support and configuration, allows you to play in widescreen up to 4k, choose scanline filters, select various sound packs and commentary languages (mercifully replacing Jonathan Pearce with Jon Champion and Jim Beglin), choose between various packs of pitches, increase the difficulty with improved AI tactics, tweak the sound and UI just the way you want them and, crucially, choose whether you want the Amiga graphics/gameplay or those from the PC version. Apparently they've reverse engineered both releases then re-implemented them exactly. My Amiga SWOS memories are pretty dim at this point so I'm not really qualified to comment on how accurate it is, but it definitely feels a hell of a lot more 'right' than the PC version ever did. Apprently there's online multiplayer too but I can't vouch for that as I haven't dared try it and probably never will  :lol:


It really is superbly done.


There aren't many good videos on YouTube but this one in Portuguese should give you the idea:



There's obviously the odd database error as Fiorentina are in Serie B for some reason so I'm going with them as a bit of an easy mode re-introduction, but even with Chiesa and Cutrone up front remembering how to actually score is still hard work. I immediately signed Stefano Sensi in midfield since he was on the transfer list and it seemed fitting.


Grab it on GOG and join me, I'd love to hear some career mode tales and transfer bargains.

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This is great, I recently got a MiSTer and set up an Amiga platform on it. This morning I dropped the SWOS 2020 HDF file onto it and loaded it up straight away and with my USB Competition Pro type joystick I was still as rubbish at Sensi as I always was. I'll persevere though I was always a Kick Off player back in the day.


Thanks for the heads up, I didn't realise how many projects like this were still going on.

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15 hours ago, Rsdio said:

 updates the players and dates to the modern day

The matches aren’t played behind closed doors, though. Poor attention to detail.



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