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Valorant - Now out!

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Hey you.


Do you live a busy life? Do you find the Time To Kill in most competitive first person shooters frustratingly long? Have you always secretly longed to get fragged over and over and over again from somewhere? Do you have a burning desire to have somebody say confusing things to you like "1m Heaven -47" in the expectation that you'll know what they're talking about? Have you ever fallen asleep at night feeling as though your life is over half-lived without somebody muttering under their breath about how much of a n00b you are, or explaining to you in excruciating detail exactly what they got up to with your mother yesterday?


What's that? You have?!


Well let me tell, you, Riot's new competitive 5v5 shooter is the game for you. It's completely free to play and every single cosmetic skin in the Closed Beta is objectively worse than the standard ones, meaning that you'll never be tempted to spend money!


What is this game? (Spoiler!)



So what the hell is this game?


In a nutshell? Valorant is a 5v5 competitive shooter taking from all over the genre, but the strongest influencers are: -


  • Counterstrike - slow, deliberate play which sees your accuracy seriously compromised by attempting to Run and Gun, forcing you to play more intelligently, and check those god damned corners.
  • Overwatch - Unique (intra-team) characters with their own special abilities which can influence the fight. For the most part, these capabilities are more about controlling lines of sight and your opponents options, rather than than doing them damage. There are of course some exceptions.


Alpha Footage !




All you need to play is a Riot Account, and the guts to sign up to the RLLMUK Players List. I mean, you don't actually need the latter - the game features it's own matchmaking system.


Note: Valorant's Anti-Cheat runs on Ring-0, because that's where a lot of the hax live. There has been a fair bit of controversy surrounding it as it had some compatibility issues with some PC utilities such as CPU-Z. While this is mostly cleaned up now, if you would like to discuss it further, please do that over in PK's General Valorant Thread so this one can be used for organisation, arguing with one another about who failed to hold mid, and to call into question your fellow forumites basic motor skills.


So, what's the plan?


It's would be good to get a bunch of forum people onto the game to play together as the experience improves immeasurably once you've got some communication going. Hell, if we get 10 whole people for this we could set up some private games and not have to embarrass ourselves out on the internet with our lack of skills, and correspondingly enormous stack of unpaid bills.


Valorant Night: Undecided


Valorant Discord: Valorllmuk-ant


Effort put in by me: Correctly copy/pasted Discord Link 26/05/2020 


The game is due for release on the 2nd June. Please stop by the general forum thread to read the impressions a couple of us have thrown down there, and consider signing up to at least have a go!

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