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Messiah 2 Modchip weirdness

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I've had a PS2 for years and it's modded with a Messiah chip for playing import games.

Since getting my PVM I've noticed a weird thing where the PS2 forces PS1 games to output at 480i and not 240p. Interestingly, I can stop this from happening by turning off the mod chip, but then I can't play mu import games. Has anyone else experienced this, it's very, very weird.

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My PS2 has that chip and even though I've had this 16 years I still am not sure if I'm working it right. If you hold the button down it turns the chip off but sometimes it doesn't, or ... So every time I turn it on I never know if it'll work. Fun. 


Never had any weird output issues though.  Always used it via RGB SCART. 

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