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On 31/07/2020 at 09:32, Ry said:

I bought an Oculus Quest to scratch that lightgun shooting itch I have. It's great but just not the same. 


47 minutes ago, dumpster said:

Excited by this.  Farpoint on PSVR was an amazing experience spoiled by the drift of the Aim gun.  Home lightguns peaked with Time Crisis etc  when most people had smaller TVs.  Point Blank and Emulated Time Crisis on a big TV or VR size cinema mode really sounds good to me.


Maybe try EmuVR or New Retro Arcade: Neon to recreate VR light gun games (I've played Time Crisis 2):




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Right, I tried to get something, nay anything up and running but completely failed and gave up. 

I’m pretty experienced with PC based emulators but fuck me if this isn’t just way too much hassle. It’s just bullshit piled on top of more bullshit where I’m spinning tyres playing whack-a-mole with emulators, front ends, bios files, roms etc. 

In my best Danny Glover voice - I’m getting too old for this shit. 

I can see these guns being put away for 6 months / until some creates a simple packaged download that just works. 

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OK, now that I've slept and reflected on last night's efforts - I am going to give this another shot.  Thankfully my toys didn't fall too far from the pram, despite the vigour with which I threw them.


I think the first thing I need to do is bring the gaming PC to my desk rather than try to perform the emulator setup and configuration on a 77" TV with a keyboard balanced on my lap.  Here's my plan of attack:

  • Focus on PS1 emulation
  • Get the (any?) emulator running the games at the correct speed with sound working etc
  • Figure out how to enable mouse aiming in the emulator
  • Get the SInden gun working

It looks so simple when written down like this. :rolleyes:


(As a complete aside to this, my frustration last night was magnified by the fact that my new AV amp isn;t playing nice with the gaming PC and has introduced an infuriating hum into the audio.  'Mo tech, Mo problems' )

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