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Sorry if wrong thread.


I need a game pad for pc. max £25. Looking on amazon and there are some unofficial, official looking, 360 pads. They say the vibration feature might not work with some games. All very vague. 


Anyone recommend me one? 

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i got one of these as a backup pad, and for my nephew to use instead of my proper one, works fine on both PC and xbox, is a tad larger than a standard xbox one pad.




looks like some colours are out of stock at the mo


BUT, for myself, id buy a proper xbox one pad, yes they cost more, but , the quality is better.

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Either hunt down the official wireless receiver and get a wireless X360 controller or the now much rarer wired X360 controller, both should be within that budget.


I've ended up with a drawer full of the the things as a result of a bout of hunting for them.


Practically impossible to get hold of official last gen controllers brand new these days unfortunately.

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