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Retro Gamer Issue 207 - 40 Years of Pac-Man

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New issue dropped on my mat yesterday, and after a thorough disinfection, here it is...


40 years of Pac-Man

History Beneath A Steel Sky

Ultimate Guide Return of Double Dragon

Ultimate Guide Sakura Wars

Evolution of Questprobe

Making of Arcanum Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

Making of Shadow Man

Future Classic Alien Isolation


plus all the usual little bits and gems and biffo!


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A terrifying cover that depicts the silent horror of 4 ghosts surgically joined to make a 4, in honour of their mortal enemy. It's too horrific for WH Smith!


I've only had a quick flick through so far, though I like the Amstrad homebrew special. It was an interesting read and a nice change of format to the normal review section.


@jdanddiet Can I ask how you disinfected the mag? I just took it out of the bag, used an anti-septic wipe  on the cover & back, and placed it in a drawer for 24 hours. Anything else that should be done?

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13 minutes ago, Butters said:

Appreciate that, thanks @strider.


Planning on getting the new issue and subscribing.

Cool. It goes without saying that mags like Retro Gamer need support more than ever, so delighted to hear you're subscribing.
I think Half-Life had two weeks of office work, so this is the first of many issues that will be created outside of the normal office environment. Hope you enjoy it.

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