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10 minutes ago, Sabes said:

Yes, link to the queue above but I don't think anyone's on the island at the mo.


Thanks and your island is amazing my son was so impressed by it, puts our to shame.

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56 minutes ago, Sabes said:

Thanks guys :wub:


Only really had a handful of friends to the island so it's nice to have strangers visit with positive comments. Even old 3 stars Goldbricker.

Can we be your friend and come and see your island? We don't have turnips to sell but would like a look around.

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6 hours ago, Sabes said:

541 - https://turnip.exchange/island/a50492de tips not needed, any will go to my son


Nook's is NW of plaza


Wife wanted to play so new queue if anyone's wanting to sell https://turnip.exchange/island/8f0c5a21


@jonnyalpha feel free to use the queue and come over to explore, it's been fairly quiet all afternoon so don't think you'd be blocking anyone.

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331 bpt this avo. 


Open now https://turnip.exchange/island/384a9a62


Will leave it up for a couple of hours and then can do again this evening if there is any interest. 


Chuck me a PM if you're interested 

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If anyone has a price north of 100 bells today I’d be very grateful for the chance to visit. 45 on my island this morning and not looking hopeful for a good price in the afternoon. 

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