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Animal Crossing Turnip Exchange


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Just now, Azrael said:

I just tend to make one trip then hope for another decent price elsewhere in the week for second stack. Hasn't failed me yet. 


Yes, this is what I'm going for too, got another full loads worth but I've made my money back and then some with the single trip to @Flams.

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2 minutes ago, Flams said:



Watch this space you lovely people. 


Ah yes. Didn't realise I'd missed 2 pages of the thread since lunchtime. I'll happily wait till later in the week, give yourself an early night bud haha

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RIGHT, that was the most and least fun I've had in ages. 


I'm opening up again but this time if you want the link to the turnip exchange please PM me. I'll do my best to stay open all the way to 10pm!


p.s. if you by any chance of a spare ankylosaurus body we'll be able to complete our fossil collection.  I think I'm about to receive a few of these....

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I'm going to open my own museum which is excsusively ankylo torso's. 


There is a huge pile of tips and rather annoyingly I said at the start of this that they'd all go to my daughter :mellow:


She's asleep now but I'll drop it all in front of her house for the morning. 

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Massive thanks @Flams, you're at patient as fuck to put up with that. You're daughter is gonna be minted.


Think I got fortunate once I got the code. 11 minutes from getting it to arriving back on my island having sold my turnips according to Turnip Exchange. 

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