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Animal Crossing Turnip Exchange


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Just now, Indy @ S.E. said:

Bells would be fine, we’ve still got a load of stuff to sort out on the island :)



Left some by your pool, cheers again. Definitely been there before, you have good Turnip prices previously? Stole a fossil too but didn't have any to replace it with 

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Gates closed, thanks to those who left tips / gifts even though I said it wasn't necessary :). Price has dropped to 134 now but I can open the gates again later if anyone still has turnips to sell. 

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12 minutes ago, Made of Ghosts said:

I’m in dire need of an acceptable price, will trade fruit / sexual favours / sleeping bags etc 


I'll leave my gates open for an hour. Dodo code is DKHKD  and if you're offering fruit pears are the only one I'm missing. 

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Anyone with a turnip price over 100 and willing to open let me know. It would be massively appreciated. My dad (in his 70s) has horribly miscalculated his turnip dealings this week and currently has a price of 38 (as do I) so i'm trying to sort something out for him!

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1 hour ago, DUKENUKEM2UK said:

So can you only purchase turnips from one person in the game on sunday morning ?


Yes. Daisy visits every Sunday morning and sells turnips. Her prices varies with 90 the lowest and 110 the highest. You can also buy them from someone elses island if they have a lower price than you. They go bad after a week so Saturday is the last day you can sell them. 

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