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Animal Crossing Turnip Exchange


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My predictions (via that webpage calculator thingy) is a steady 548 bells maximum price from Wednesday AM to Friday PM. Hopefully it'll happen just as predicted, but I don't have my hopes up as that calculator page hasn't been correct at all for me in the past. 

If not I'll have to rely on Spanx getting through with the predicted price of 600. The last time I checked we were best friends in the game :wub: 

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Spanx told me he hates you all and you all smell and you all look a bit funny and you don't deserve his turnip riches. Yep, he did. He also told me that because we're bestest friends ever that I get first dibs on turnip prices. He won't admit it, but he told me all this. Yep, so you all might as well just forget about Spanx and his uber turnip prices. 

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