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I've just seen some interesting news off the back of EA announcing the binning of Project Cars franchise...   Some modders have developed tools to unpack and repack PCars track and car data files for a while now, but haven't released them because the game didn't officially support modding, and EA wouldve tried to shut them down.


However with the news above, one modder has decided it's now time to release one of them.   And with AMS2 being based of the PCars Madness engine it now seems that it ought to be possible to:

a) move all the existing cars and tracks from PCars 2 over to AMS2 

b) create new content and package it up to import into the game...


This *could* be huge news!  Imagine all the AC content getting posted to AMS2...



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My god, that could be incredible.  Just the Pcars2 tracks/cars alone would be amazing, but I really hope Fat Alfie's tracks and Abulzz's excellent 70s Targa Florio for AC get ported.  I'd love to see the version of the Isle of Man TT track that's available for R-Factor 2 get moved over as well.

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On 21/11/2022 at 22:31, davejm said:

I can't make it this week, but shall we do an AMS2 night next?  Really wanna do the 1970s Spa 👍


Spent a bit of time in the sim-rig this evening trying out 1970s Spa.   It's got that "Fat Alfie AC mod track" vibe.  Lots of great old school textures - especially the advertising hoardings.    Grass, posts, fences and trees everywhere.  Lovely touches of the Belgian countryside - houses and parked up period-correct cars.  It's gorgeous.


To drive it is very different to modern Spa.  Wide open corners taken flat out in lots of places.   Radillon/Eau Rouge is totally different.  I mean, its the same set of corners and hill, but you have to break for a much sharper initial left, then head up the hill right, and left - but avoiding a barrier now on the left, and the grass on the exit on the right has no runoff.  Almost zero room for error.   


In the 1970 Formula Vintage Gen 2 Brabham, it was fun - but theres very little front end turn-in and grip.  So then I tried the later 70's Formula Retro Gen 3 McLaren MP4/1C.  So much faster.  Still flat out for large sections of the track - but much more exciting overall.


Loved every minute of it!  Brilliant fun.

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I too had a quick go at 70's Spa yesterday, mainly to see if my season pass worked :)


Had a blat round in the new Corvette GTP and let's just say that trying Eau Rouge resulted in a crash so hard I honestly thought it'd broken my wheel! I've never felt it do THAT before.


I'd be up for a group get together there, but it'd be handy to know which cars beforehand so I can get my eye in. Something vintage would be appropriate as the track's a bit easy in a modern car.

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I've driven a bit more today (day off!) and I'm not sure the McLaren is the right car...  Ive now found that if I trust the downforce, I can take almost all the corners flat out - which isn't quite so much fun.  Maybe the Formula Vintage Gen 2 is the right class after all?


Also, theres a nice period correct F1 livery pack for those cars we could use:





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@davejm - can you put a practice server online and link it to the rllmuk racing website?  I'm keen to do some laps (on pretty much any combo... not too fussy) and the visibility of my times gives me an extra impetus to push a bit harder, or some, back again and have another go.

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I can't get AMS2 results to show at the moment.  The PHP libraries I use for parsing the results have stopped working, so I assume they need some kind of update.


For now I'll create the practice server, them have another look at the website when I get a chance.


EDIT: Server is up.  Just gonna head on to test.

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Mmmm... not sure I like this combo (Spa 1970 and Vintage Gen2's).  Plus, I know I've droned on about this before but the shimmering and aliasing is bad to the point of distracting 😔


Gosh, I'm such a grumpy shit at the moment 😆


I was planning on trying to organise something for this Thursday, but I'm out for drinks with the running club.


I definitely fancy doing something AMS2 related at some point though, but I reckon a tighter race track (somewhere we haven't raced before) and more modern cars would be way more fun.


Any other car/track combos we could try?

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Maybe try the vintage version of Intelagos with the same cars?  The old Austerich Ring (now the Red Bull Ring) or 70s Kyalami would both be great too.


Really hoping I'll be able to race as there might be a few weeks with no rehearsals coming up.

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2 hours ago, SharkyOB said:

Erm, 70s cars are amazing!


Just had a couple of really frustrating sessions with them, and was missing the grip and aero!! :D  Time for sim racing is so minimal at the moment, it's just a bummer when I play and don't enjoy it.  

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15 hours ago, davejm said:


Just had a couple of really frustrating sessions with them, and was missing the grip and aero!! :D  Time for sim racing is so minimal at the moment, it's just a bummer when I play and don't enjoy it.  


Just back off a bit and try and drive like you would in a real car (start slow and build up).  Cars with less/no downforce are so much more engaging to drive in sims, but they do need a slightly different mindset.  


The brakes can be pretty awful on older cars too, which defo takes some getting used to!

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  • 5 weeks later...

Automobilista 2 V1.4.5.2 Update released just after Xmas with loads of new content.  This game just keep on getting better and better.

The Brabham Hypercar is superb.  And I drove the McLaren MP4/4 and MP4/6 round a few of the historic tracks - both brilliant and scarily fast.




A few highlights from the (huge) changelog:


7 Free new cars:

Added Nissan R89C to Group C class
Added Nissan R390 GT1 to GT1 class
Added 2017 Nissan GT-R to GT3 class
Added new F-Classic Gen3 class (4 generic models)


6 new cars in the Brazilian Racing Legends Pt1 DLC:
Added Brabham BT49 to F-Retro Gen2 Class
Added Brabham BT52 to Formula Retro Gen3 Class
Added Lotus 98T to F-Classic Gen1 Class
Added Mclaren MP4/4 to F-Classic Gen2 Class
Added Mclaren MP4/5B to F-Classic Gen3 class
Added Mclaren MP4/6 to F-Classic Gen4 class

2 new cars in the Supercars Pt1 DLC:
Added Mclaren Senna, Brabham BT62 to new Hypercars Class
Added Corvette C8 Z06 to Supercars Class

2 new tracks in the Historical Track Pack DLC:
Added Cascais 1988
Added Jerez 1988
Added 40+ years of real historic weather data 
Bathurst 1983 will be part of this package but will be added in January.

Update on 2020-2022 Season pass DLC Packages Still to be Released:

Nürburgring Historic 1971 (part of Nürburgring DLC) - January 2023
Adrenaline Pack Pt1 - Q1 2023
6th Bonus Premium Track - Q1 2023
Racin´ USA Bonus Pack - Q2 2023

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