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Favourite Game of All-time isolation game!!!


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Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.


I’ve beaten the excellent Three Houses 5 times now but as the old saying goes you never forget your first love. 
It has pacing issues in the game play and many dislike how slow it is but as a complete package I adore it.

Has a strong cast of characters and a revamped support system that made for excellent character and world building. Contains very good map design that is challenging but not difficult enough to be frustrating.


After the original series creator Shouzou Kaga left Nintendo in 1999 the series became simplified for the trilogy of GBA releases. Path of Radiance took heavy inspiration from Kaga’s final FE game Thracia 776, making it potentially the last original FE game to be built on Kaga’s foundations without heavy deviation or experimentation. 

The game costs a fortune now and really warrants a remaster because it is a crime that more people aren’t able to access it.

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Project Gotham Racing 4. My best driving game ever. Great balance of arcade/sim racing and street circuits. Weather effects and night racing too. For me perfect combination of elements. Oh the icing on the cake? Prodigy's Shadow track to back it all. Still have a 360 around just for this game!


In fact think a play through is long overdue! And a perfect time to play ...:)


Great retrospective here: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-07-13-why-pgr4-remains-arcade-racing-at-its-best


and the intro :)




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Just now, BadgerFarmer said:

Final Fantasy VII


If only there were some kind of re-release coming soon to keep me occupied during this isolation period...

Don't worry, Xenoblade Chronicles has your back. :P

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12 hours ago, JoeK said:

Witcher 3.


By a very, very wide margin.


Edit: If anyone else said it earlier, I guarantee I'll have played it for longer than you have, so by default I get the candy.

Half way through my first play through when all the madness in the real world started. 

As rubbish as everything is now I’m loving my time with this game! 

But as I can’t have Witcher 3 (or several of my other favourite games): Super Monkey Ball. 

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