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How to connect a mega cd 1 up for stereo


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Ok never had a mega cd before so i'm clueless.


Both parts are model 1, i have a retrogamingcables scart cable with headphone cable to get stereo sound out the headphone socket. I know i use the L and R from the mega cd but how do i get stereo from the megadrive as well?


All the youtube videos i find are people using composhite cables



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ahh so reading some of that.


I need an audio mixing cable (headphone cable? from the headphone on the MD to the mixing port)  and then an RCA to female headphone to send it to my scart.


Does this sound rightish?

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You cable you have is this one?



You can just that one plugged into the headphone jack. You don't need to connect any audio cables to the mega cd. 


RetroRGB has a good explanation.


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