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FF:Crystal Chronicles and Metroid ZM

blue swIIrl

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Do Gamecube games suffer the same conversion problems that PS2 games do?

An NTSC gamer is interested...

Not came across any really bad ones, mostly they have been very good. Nothing in the completely dire DMC or FF-X PAL conversions that the PS2 seemed to be plauged by early in it's life.

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So, onto Metroid then....


I just beat the Mother Brain, and can only assume I'm now onto "bonus material". It's gotten weird... stealth sections... without a power suit?! I didn't realise Samus could survive without it!! (Then again, I know very little about her in general, really). Still... that jumping ability... that's all hers! She rocks!! ;)


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i don't think that theres much between them in terms of length. both were short.

Well, I just clocked up 4 hours and 49 minutes. I think Fusion took me longer than that, but I'm not sure. I have the sudden urge to play through Fusion again now though!

I want super metroid advance. who's with me ?

Yes please! I've still not played it!

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There will definitely be a link cable with the european version, which isn't in the DVDBoxoffice version, apart from that there's nothing official.

I think the soundtrack is standard in Europe but not UK, where you have to buy Chronicles and Tactics and register them to get the soundtrack.*

*extremely hinted at in the last newsletter

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