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Andrew Braybrook - does he live in Essex?


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I just think its odd that this bloke at work knows him.

This bloke slates me (a lot) for my time spent playing games and writing music, yet his son wants to be a DJ and write 'Urban' music. He has also just bought a new GBSP and a Silver PS2.

Then i go on about X2, and he says "ah, thats that Elite game, my mate Andrew Braybrooke had something to do with that"

And i'm like, wow! Programmer of the uber cool C64 shooter.

He reckons he knows Andrews sister, somewhat intermately.

I was unsure if he was just talking bollocks.

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He most famously wrote Uridium and Paradroid. Last I heard he was writing software for an insurance company. He stopped having anything to do with the games industry by choice. And X2 is programmed/designed by a German software team. So he's probably talking bollocks.

He most likely met him like, uh, once, then said "I know Andrew Braybrook" ever since :angry:

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If anyone does know Mr. Braybrook, or indeed if he is reading this now, I'd like to thank him for my all time, number one, Commodore 64 game of all time (the mighty Paradroid). I'd also like to thank him for hours and great gaming and for one of my all time Top Ten games ever (again, the mighty Paradroid).

I'd also like to tell him to do whatever he can to get a GBA version out there ASAP.

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I must admit I was adicted to almost all the 'Hewson/Graftgold' games. Along with the usual one, Paradroid, Urdium, Urdium+, Gribbly's Day Out, Rainbow Islands, etc. it was AlleyKat which really tested my skills/patience!





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