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Name The Prestige

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Fuck me, this is bad. I mean, people say all the time they must be getting Alzheimers when they just mean they've been a little bit forgetful, and you go, 'that's not funny, not something to joke about, it's a real and terrible condition,' but lately I think... maybe. Just maybe I am, I really am for real. Like you forget the names of things and of people you've known all your life. Just for an instant, maybe for a few seconds, but it's there. That thing that's next to panic. Once I forgot where I was going when I was going home from work. I just realised suddenly that I was in a car, driving the car, and I simply didn't know where I was, where I was going, or why. It only lasted for a few seconds, but... fuck me. Jesus.


And then there's less important stuff: books, films, music, that kind of thing. You forget not only the title of something, but who wrote it, who's in it, what actually happens in it, and, often, that you've even read/seen/heard it at all. You forget your favourite singer's name. You forget your favourite author's. In some cases, you even forget stuff you've written yourself! Wow. It's a real bummer when that happens. 'Nah, that wasn't me,' you say to the person showing/playing you the thing you did a long time ago. Yup, it was though. You just can't even remember yourself sometimes.


Anyway, this isn't one of those occasions. It's nothing much. It's just a film - it has to be a film, right, not a dream? - where something happens over and over; a similar thing; a repetition with variations. I don't even think it's necessarily a good film. It's just a scene that keeps indistinctly replaying, three-quarters or more of it missing, in my mind, the actor's face obscured by clouds, by haze, by too much fog of years, and it's been going on all day and it's doing my head in. If Lordcookie were here he'd sort this out pronto. Like a flash - 'it's this: blahblahblah by blah blah, released 20xx, Dir. Andy Wannabe starring X, Y and, of course, the infamous Z. Oh, and you've misremembered that scene - what actually happens is this. I think you've conflated it with a scene from another film, and here's all the credits for that one too.' He'd do that because his brain still functions. But maybe someone else has a still-functional brain too, and they'll step in on LC's behalf and stop this bothering the fuck out of me for no real reason.


It's a film wherein there's a scene, and in the scene - or scenes - a guy either time travels or does a cloning thing and then his clone/doppleganger/other version looks shocked because he didn't think his original would do what he does almost immediately after his appearance in the room, which is to walk right up to him and kill him, probably with a gun, and then the process repeats, one always killing the other, and then... and then... fuck knows. Well, I don't, anyway. This is such a tiny shred of stuff to hang onto, and yet... I just need to reconstruct whatever it is from that shred.


Christ, why is this doing my head in? Why can't I fucking remember anything about this other than that? Why do I even care? I can't remember that either. I simply can't remember anything. Perhaps when I know what it is I'll know why it matters. And then I'll find out that it doesn't. That's how these films always end anyway.


Answers on a post, please.

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16 minutes ago, Pob said:

The Prestige?


Nope. This scene is a guy bringing another version of himself into being, and then either he kills version 2 (I think that's the case) or vice versa, then it keeps happening over and over again until it is eventually resolved somehow.



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1 minute ago, Hawklord said:





In 2074, when the mob wants to get rid of someone, the target is sent into the past, where a hired gun awaits - someone like Joe - who one day learns the mob wants to 'close the loop' by sending back Joe's future self for assassination


Nope. They're like clones - identical - and it's something that happens many times in quick succession.

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At a stretch, sounds a bit like the Doctor Who episode "Heaven Sent":

  • there's a montage of new copies of him doing the same thing over and over in quick succession
  • he brings a new copy of himself into being over and over again, as he crawls to the room with the teleporter
  • there are prominent shots of him looking shocked every time the monster pursuing him grabs him.

The only bit that doesn't fit is that there's never two copies of him together, so he never kills his own copy. There's definitely no gun involved!

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No, it's none of those in the list.


It's weird how a memory of a scene can simultaneously be so vivid and so vague. I seem to remember the guy holding his hand up - 'no, stop!' - before being shot. And then we get the same thing again and again, with variations. And you're not (or at least I am now not) sure which one is doing the killing, and if, at the end of it, we still have the original version left or one of the clones. As to its purpose and context, I've completely blanked everything else out. But this scene is some sort of... experiment? Trying to perfect... something.


Gah, I really thought someone would get it based on that description. But it's probably off in some way.

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