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Formula One - 2020

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2 minutes ago, Freeman said:

Ferrari have Illott on the books too right?

Mick isn’t good enough, Illott probably is, Shwartzman can go another year in F2..


1 minute ago, mexos said:

Mick isn’t there yet. Maybe never will be.


Completely right but I don't think that'll make a difference, he's going to be in F1.

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1 minute ago, kiroquai said:

Only thing that’ll save it is if there’s another safety car later on. Otherwise it’s a really baffling strategy.


Even so he's down the field with only marginally newer tyres.  If you're Gasly and will be 20 laps clear it'd be different. 5 laps is not going to make the difference on lap 40.

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22 minutes ago, Dudley said:

Mercedes trying to bully Bottas out of his literal only chance of a win to protect his teammate when the team will likely be 100 points clear in the championship tonight.


Bit pathetic.

If they only have one ‘attack’ mode per race it’s a bit pointless to use it against a teammate because their engineer will just tell them to turn up too as soon as they see that it’s happening, so better to save it for example a potential needed pass on Max if he got ahead through pit stops.

Bottas has no disadvantage during qualifying, the start, or even during the race, if he was faster than Lewis without the use of a higher engine mode he could win.

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3 minutes ago, kiroquai said:

Problem might be that Shwartzman may win the title, hence not be allowed another season in F2.

Mick and the F2 winner then. As much as I like Hulk, he’s had more opportunities than any other driver, his time is done.

Either way, we need Gio and Raik gone for some fresh blood.


2 minutes ago, Dudley said:


Now he's come in under green and is 17th, anyone got an idea what the plan was?

It’s called the Papa Stroll manoeuvre, happens every race.

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Certainly if you were thinking pure performance, Alfa are due a clear out, Kimi's performance this race is fun but let's not pretend it's not Ferrari's car and pitcrew sucking massively doing that job.


Vettel too is not selling himself to anyone.


Personally I'd be putting Swartz in the Alfa alongside Ferrari's pick and I'd be asking them for Schumacher over Gio, at least the sponsors will be happier.

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