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Formula One - 2020

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Track limits fun this weekend, they've removed the kerbs Hamilton broke his front on last year.




The FIA has removed the yellow kerbs at the final two corners of the Red Bull Ring to ease Formula 1 teams' concerns about damaging cars when running low on spares.

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What? 'running low on spares'? I know they've been busy doing other 'things' but that strikes me as utter balls. If they turned round and told the truth - Kerbs removed as some of the teams with lower budgets don't have the money for parts, I'd be happy with that.....

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I'm divided on this.


On the one hand, either have track limits or don't.


If the driver goes off circuit and breaks the car then that's on them. Or to put it another way, "Put a fucking wall there, then they won't do it" (Ricciardo).


On the other hand, sausage kerbs are shit anyway, as we all saw when Alex Peroni had that horrendous shunt at the Parabolica. Or Sophia Flörsch at Macau.

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The old-timer in me thinks that the easy solution to all this would be replacing the sausage kerbs with a wide strip of gravel that would slow the cars down/cost them time if they ran wide but not potentially launch them towards Narnia if they hit it at speed. Not a proper gravel trap, just something a metre or so across that runs alongside the exit of the corner.

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Isn't the problem with that that it's really bad for motorcycles?


No I'm completely wrong about that.





‘Looking at Austria and what I saw on television, I am concerned with the safety of that track.


You see all the run-off areas painted so can you imagine crashing in the wet, touching the paint, you’re not going to slow down before hitting the wall and this is something they need to pay attention to.’


Stoner has been vocal over the years with regards to asphalt runoff areas being favoured on tracks as opposed to gravel traps,


‘It’s something quite close to my heart because I have been pushing and fighting against all this run-off on all the circuits for many, many years… 


Unfortunately some riders prefer it because I know they feel they can push harder on a corner and they feel if they make a mistake they run on and go through or come straight directly back onto the track, it’s a convenience, but it’s not safe. 


Especially now with all the car racing, I think we’ll lose all the gravel traps on all the run-offs. This is not good for motorcycles.’ 


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I need to listen to Alex Wurz’s episode of Beyond The Grid again. He’s a professional track designer now and he talks at some length about the compromises at circuits that are used for different purposes. Gravel traps might be safer for bikes, but they’re less good than tarmac runoff for “run what you brung” track day use as the public won’t want to damage their own cars when they push too hard. That kind of thing.

I think it’s easy as an F1 fan to forget that almost every circuit is open for the other 51 weeks as well. 

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Sky coverage of practice with Lazenby, Brundle and Button taking up a whole road width looks funny, especially when the went split screen to 2 others standing either side of touch screen.

Extra wide screen required for anything other than tiny figures spread so widely across the screen!


I'm more than a little excited for a practice session, and I'm also working, and have to host a 90 minute training session at 11 so won't be able to watch properly...


And.... the season has officially begun!

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Mercedes are going to sell a lot of scale models of the black liveried car, it’s gorgeous.


Mercedes engine in the back of the Racing Point has broken already. Not good when they were supposed to have improved reliability during the lockdown.

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This car is pretty stunning. Could do without the red but eh, that was the case with the silver version too.




Looks pretty damned fast, too. We'd best hope Red Bull are keeping their powder dry because initial signs from Ferrari are about as bad as everyone had feared.

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1 hour ago, Bacon Horsemeat said:

Hamilton won't allow it, but it would be great if Vettel joined Mercedes next year. Finally we will get to see who is best in the same car.


We wouldn't though would we.  We'd see a new driver having to settle with an unfamiliar team, with no feel for how they build their car, which is likely to be focused on the number 1 driver from previous years, and potentially not the way they'd like it.  Also less influence in the updates to the car meaning they potentially end up worse off as the season continues, and obviously the whole 


I have a solution, and it's completely fool proof...

They should both sign for Renault.  New engine, and team for both, and it'll let the fans see what they really want.  Max and LeClerc fight it out for world champion ;)


Also, we all know Hamilton is the better driver already, perhaps with the exception of single lap pace.

If Seb could stick it on pole and build a gap, I could see him run away with it, but as soon as anything unusual happened, Hamilton would be straight on the radio moaning about it, but Seb would stick it in the gravel whilst moaning about it...


F2 cars on big wheels look :huh:

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10 minutes ago, mexos said:

I’ll be more blunt, they look effing awful!


I meant to use this one :blink: but was remembering it having extra large wonky eyes...

They do look awful.  Formula cars are small things, road cars aren't, it all looks completely our of whack.


I guess we should support it if it helps to appeal to the next generation, some younger viewers perhaps.  Perhaps they've gone a little young though.

Mind you, I'm hoping we get the glow-in-the-dark tyres before Singapore...




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