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Formula One - 2020

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1 minute ago, GwiDan said:

When crofty goes off on one, I can’t take any of it in and have to just let it wash over me. 


Exactly this, it's probably a sensory processing issue but on lap 1 of a race generally I understand absolute none of the commentary.


And I say this as someone who really doesn't mind him when he's actually talking.

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The race starts at 12.10 today. Any predictions? My guess is that Hamilton somehow maintains his lead out of turn 2 and then just as his soft tyres are starting to drop off there's a safety car which causes everyone to switch to the hard tyre during it and it's a procession to the end. 

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Huge crash in F2, race has been red flagged. Both drivers are OK, took a long time for the marshalls to put the fire out and the barrier is wrecked so this will take a long time to restart.


The FIA have banned drivers from wearing unofficial clothing on the podium and post race interviews in response to Hamilton’s t-shirt at Mugello.




Red Bull have written off Albon's race already so have changed his gearbox. 



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