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Rllmuk Dungeons and Dragons 5e - Ghosts of Saltm... BZZzzzt - The Curse of Strahd!


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On 12/07/2021 at 10:44, Sardan said:


Just a head’s up, my in-laws are visiting next weekend and I have just found out they are staying Sunday night as well. I’m not certain how me disappearing for a few hours Sunday evening will be received. I will sound out Mrs Sardan during the week and see how the land lies. 

I’m afraid I don’t think I’ll be able to duck out and join the game this evening, sorry all. 

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yes one of you snuck in the upstairs window and is hiding til nightfall* and two of you got in the front by a third pretending to be Eliander.


That my friends is a smooth operation with no possibility of any comeback :D



*Noone else knows about this!

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Yeah that session was brilliant. 


Samson wasn't expecting to be able to talk his way into the house, but I figured he'd at least try as he wouldn't want to hurt the guards if he could avoid it. When that quickly failed he tried to intimidate them, then shove one out of the way, and was about to fly into a door kicking rage when Glen stepped in. :D


It's fair to say it could have gone a lot worse, although it would have been interesting to see Benedict's reaction to a raging barbarian smashing his way into his house...

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Update on Saltmarsh politics for those who missed a session here or there!


After the council meeting you went to speak to Eliander. Party tell Eliander about Balthazar and Eliander is much troubled. Eliander gives the party the option of leaving Balthazar with Welgar (if he is amenable) or putting him in jail (where no guarantees as it will be known he is around). Eliander is unhappy at Xendros on the council and isn't sure how to get her off it.

Talk turns to the confessor who murdered Eda. Eliander tells them it is an assassin called Spear'd who claims to have been blackmailed by Benedict Fairlight. Party tell Eliander that Ferrets has intel that Fairlight is involved with kraken Society. Eliander says that he does not believe for one moment that Fairlight is in league with the Kraken Society. Insight check (a good one) by Ferrets indicates he thinks Eliander is lying.

Eliander mentions that this is meant to be his retirement after the glory of leading the defence of towns vs giants. He settled in Saltmarsh 18 months ago for a nice quiet life... no chance of that - he thinks he should have chosen his other option of trying to return to his homeland of Xarath Kitril. He indicates that Caliban might well hail from there... Caliban is unsure.

The party ask if they can speak to Spear'd or Fairlight and the answer is no to both as persuasion checks are poor and Eliander wants to keep control of the investigation at the moment it seems.


The party obviously don't accept this and go off to plot :D

Caliban, Sardan and Barley Go and check in on Welgar and Balthazar
Caliban checks on boat refitting progress and the mast and sail will be ready by the end of the day (not the ballista!) - they are told by harbourmaster that two boats have been sent out to scout for the Sea Ghost.
Then the duo head off to Welgar meeting a charming young boy (Joseph? I think) on the way that overhears them and enjoys some banter with the two and is greatly excited by their adventures. On arrival at the temple Balthazar is in similar condition, no change, heartbeat incredibly slow no breathing or responding. Barley casts Detect good and Evil and it has an unusual result - black energy fills the room swirling either into or out of Balthazar.
There is talk of who they could ask for assistance... Welgar says that, in the Pantheon, gods have rivals and asks who was in conflict with Bhaal. Barley says many but the two he recalls are Helm and Lliira (religion check).

Barley sends a message to Clarence (a fellow halfling cleric from a temple he visited) in Neverwinter asking him if he can urgently send a cleric of Helm or Lliira to Saltmarsh. Clarence replies that he will see what he can do and get back to him tomorrow.


Samson, Ferrets, Glen and Archibald go to speak to Fairlight.
The plan seems to be that Samson (with his high charisma!) is to go to the front door and basically talk/barge his way in. He is THE DISTRACTION. Meanwhile ferrets climbs the side of house and archibald flies up to the window on blindside of guards - Glen watches on.

The guards are pretty adamant that Samson is not going in and things start to turn physical when Ferrets pokes his head over the roof - and a crossbow - and tells the guard to stop. The guard indicates they'll all be going to jail when this is over. Glen then assumes the form of Eliander(!) and tells the guard to stand down as the party are to be allowed to enter. The guard indicates he will be filing a report on this to Eliander's desk later.
Either way the guards let them in (Glen goes away and later returns to cast suggestion on the guard to not file the report but the guard passes the DC!!!)

Samson and Ferrets interrogate Fairlight.
Fairlight is in a pretty ebullient mood - seemingly he is quite annoyed at being accused/framed like this! They ask Fairlight if he hired an Assassin - Fairlight says no - Ferrets Insight Check (high roll) indicates Fairlight is lying. They ask Fairlight if he is involved with Kraken Society and he says until that day he hadn't heard of it. Insight check Ferrets indicates Fairlight is lying.

Samson insight checks and thinks Fairlight is being on the level!

They ask him how he intends to prove he is innocent - Fairlight tells them that he is innocent til proved guilty and the only evidence they have is the word of an assassin. Fairlight basically tells them that it is his word vs that of an assassin and that assassin is lying! When asked who he suspects he says that he doesn't trust Anders Solomon and his manservant Skerrin is suspected as being part of the zhentarim. He lets slip that zhentarim are not unheard of in Saltmarsh and Gellan used to do a bit of smuggling once upon a time and might have had dealings.

Fairlight mentions that he was told he was to be interviewed by Eliander.

Meanwhile (!) Archibald invades the upper floor, finds Fairlight's room, finds papers he has prepared talking about the possibility of being on council again, restarting business contacting friends... no indication they predate their mission to get his money back. After further fruitless searching Archibald puts his ring on Benedict Fairlight's desk and enters it waiting 6 hrs.

And that was it!


So the simplistic view is this


Bhaalists were in control of the Isle of the Abbey. They were raising a Bhaalspawn (it seems). THey claimed the island was attacked by Kraken Society Sahuagin en masse which destroyed the Abbey. They intend to use the Bhaalspawn to see Bhaal (Currently dead?) rise once more. Captain Xendros is a Bhaalist but claims that not all of the religion are as fundamentalist and she has no knowledge of this plan... She is now on the council - There was a vacancy when Eda Oweland was killed. it was a two way race between her and Benedict Fairlight but he was placed under house arrest for being involved in the murder of Oweland (hiring/blackmailing the assassin). He has also been implicated as being a member of the Kraken Society by Ferrets' contacts


The Kraken Society


The Sahuagin have a base which used to belong to the Lizardfolk. The intel is that the Sahuagin plan to launch an attack on the mainland/saltmarsh and start to take over the land in the name of the Kraken Society. The council have asked the party to recon the base inside and out and report back on the forces and placements so the council can decided what to do with their new found allegiance with Lizardfolk, KuoToa and Merfolk. Part of the base is underwater and Xendros has offered free potions of water breathing.


Other interested parties!


Skerrin is the butler/manservant to Anders Solomon and is apparently linked to the Zhentarim, the criminal underworld of Faerun.


I think that covers it? ish?

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I may not be able to do the session tonight (one reason for doing the big post!) because I am off on holiday tomorrow and I have a lot of things to sort before I go so not sure if I need the evening to finish planning/packing (it is a motorcycle tour of South West so routes and maps and stuff have to be sorted)


I will let you all know on Discord when I make decision - no later than 6 pm!

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I am going to cancel tonight's session as I am in the middle of rejigging day 1 and day 2 of my trip - damn my overplanning anxiety :D


We will be back on next sunday as normal - if anyone wants to add anything to the above then please do (or ask questions etc)

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Hullo! I have no internet connection so won’t be able to join tomorrow. A house at the end of my lane was hit by lightning and it’s fried the area’s phone lines. It also fried my router and mobo :hmm:


Nature is a prick.

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11 hours ago, Mogster said:

Well, that could have been worse. :D


@Nathan Wind You and I spent a night in prison. It's Saerdan's fault, the snitch. :ph34r:

I don’t think it was Sardæn’s fault. He didn’t impersonate anyone in the council or point weapons at any guards…



11 hours ago, Doctor Shark said:




The irony being this time last year I should have been heading to Disney World but COVID scuppered that. 

Off to Wales on Saturday so I’m unavailable for the next two or three Sundays (depends how things pan out the weekend we get back). 

Try not to get into too much trouble while I’m gone!!

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