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Well, series ended up finishing up quite disappointing after its early promise. Heavily suffered from its early reveal with a looooong stretch out of events meaning daft logic, linked narratives and a damp dragged out close. Kinda lost interest in how they covered up and cleared Terry's name. Had hints of some good drama wrung dry by unnecessary tension building. And as to the reveal during the credits....:(

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The last Ep was very poor, though I enjoyed the rest of the series.


Did I miss some significance to the mid-credits scene?



Holly spooks herself by imagining Jack watching her in the mirror, in what was a needless jump scare. Her neck is clear of pustules so she’s not under control, and she reads about the DA clearing Terry’s name.

Did I miss something? Tonald’s reaction above seems like I did.

Also back in the cave, why did Holly say “Who’s Terry?”, and who were the


two ghosts that Ralph sees? Just dead victims of the Outsider warning him it was still alive, or cave-in victim ghosts?

But yeah, shite.

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It also showed that Holly had a scratch on her right arm in the post credits scene. 

Holly saying “Who’s Terry?” is the beginning of them formulating the cover up. Poorly done so yeah, it is a bit confusing. 
The two ghosts were Ralph’s son and the elder Peterson kid, the one who Ralph shot at Terry's arraignment. 
But aye, a pretty poor finale all told. Their cover up clears Terry’s name but leaves Maria Caneles in jail. That's a bit shitty.


Did anyone else find the dialogue really hard to hear at times? I know it's a common thing on gritty TV dramas lately but this seemed exceptionally hard to hear at times. I ended up putting subtitles on. 

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I've just watched this and really enjoyed it. One thing I didn't understand was


Jack (the rogue cop) was told by the outsider to buy electrical appliances and dump them in the woods

What on earth was the meaning of that?

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