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Commander Jameson

Guns Akimbo - Daniel Radcliffe with guns for hands

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2 hours ago, kerraig UK said:

what would you do?

no i think it’s good. I hated Swiss Army Man and haven’t seen the one where he grows horns but this looks fun. By ‘how’ i mean these kind of films are rare. I actually have some sympathy for him. He can act, he’s very committed in Jungle but he can’t inhabit characters like Pattinson can - his voice, face and height won’t allow it. He can’t slip in elegantly, he stands out, but not in a way that works for star actors who have so much presence and charisma. It’s kind of the same for Kiera Knightley but she’s had good roles, serious dramatic ones. 

Nor would i think he’d become a character actor either. Pattinson has managed to do character roles you wouldn’t expect where he’s playing studious academic types but then can be a leading man based on his looks and frame. 

It kind of works for Radcliffe to do these films. The way he is in interviews, over excitable and enthusiastic, he carries over into his acting. 

He’s like our Elijah Wood, he too has gone the way of doing kind of quirky roles like in Sin City, Maniac and I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore. 

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I guess he was set for life money-wise after Potter, so he’s having fun doing stuff that interests him. Good for him :)

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