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Best feelgood movies.


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I haven't seen a really brilliant feelgood movie for a while.


I think what I think of as a feelgood movie might be more nostalgia / bittersweet. 


But ones I have really enjoyed are:


The way way back.


Me, Earl and the Dying Girl.

The Danish Girl.

Kiki's Delivery Service

My Neighbour Totoro.


What else would be worth a watch?

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Not a movie, but Parks and Rec is a great feel good comedy. It doesn't have a mean bone in its body, unlikely it's always sunny (which I love) where the humour comes from what utterly terrible people the gang is, P&R is so positive and gentle, without being sickly. 


The theme tune just makes me happy.

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Klaus on Netflix was my most recent one, and festive too. Was going to suggest Goonies (beaten to it), or maybe Tremors. How about Tin Cup? I have a soft spot for this - it's kind of a sport movie (golf), but not really. Really watchable, really likeable, and whilst spoiler, spoiler spoiler, it's still wonderfully feelgood. That reminds me - if you can find it, Fandango's a fun watch IIRC (haven't seen it in many, many years though, so could be rose-tinted specs.)



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Everyone's seen them but,


Field of Dreams

Cinema Paradiso


I recently watched "The Family Man" starring Nicolas Cage, which was ok but not a patch on It's a Wonderful Life (which it was clearly inspired by), partly because why would it be as good as that and also because the premise has a fatal flaw that sort of makes a universal feel good conclusion impossible. It's only a feel good movie if you're already a family man ;)


For an old movie that is just lighthearted and fun to watch, I recommend "It Happened One Night".

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