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Jamie John

The Christmas day leftovers thread

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I've got leftover:


- 2 big Tupperware tubs of turkey meat

- 1 massive cake tin containing the broken carcass, skin and assorted...bits from the turkey

- 1 mixing bowl full of turkey fat

- about a dozen roast potatoes

- a plate full of roast carrots and parsnips

- a tub of homemade bread sauce

- half a dozen pigs in blankets

- a saucepan-full of sprouts, green beans and broccoli


What should I do with it all? I'm thinking a turkey pie with one of the meat tubs, and maybe a turkey curry with the other. The carcass I can turn into a vat of stock that I can freeze. The spuds will be eaten cold with mayonnaise. I'm not sure about the veg, though.



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I always like turkey patties for using up leftovers, doesn't even matter if the meat dried out a little in the fridge.


You blitz up turkey, sausagemeat, stuffing, PIBs anything you got left over and mix up with grated onion, garlic, breadcrumbs, egg, bit of milk and some finely chopped fresh herbs (sage goes well).


You are aiming for something that will hold a pattie shape then you can shallow fry, they taste lovely.


My basic recipe is 6 cups of meats, 2 cups of crumb, 2 eggs, 1 cup milk then you add in onion and whatever else and adjust the mix to get it to right consistency.

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I like to slice the potatoes thin and layer them up, with meat or whatever in between the potato layers, in a gratin dish. Fill to just under the top layer of potatoes with stock and bake/grill until crispy on top. 


That'll take care of most of the meat and veg and it's delicious. You can make a stock with the turkey left overs too. Turkey curry or risotto also good.


Can't help with greens though, they don't like a second cooking normally.

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I souped the sprouts, greens, carrots and parsnips in the end. Added a packet of coriander, some ginger and a packet of gruyère cheese, as well as some double cream once I'd cooked it through and whizzed it up. Tasted absolutely lovely - had it for lunch and then for dinner!


Going to have a go at the turkey curry tomorrow. 

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