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Active Gaming Footwear (and other daft gaming paraphernalia)

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3 hours ago, Rex Grossman said:

Because it’s old?


Yeah I get that, just wondered if it was a thread that had been posted on here maybe years back. Might not have been but it sparked one of those “bloody hell I remember that” memories. 

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On 02/03/2020 at 10:30, Isaac said:



There are so many terrible gaming mice but this has to be up there.

Following @Mr Combo Breaker’s gaming chair and gaming nest above I looked at this for some time imagining it was a high end gaming isolation pod before I read your post and understood it was a mouse.

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3 hours ago, Valver said:

This is simultaneously ridiculous and I want one!


The Envavo Heatbuff - a little heater to keep your fingers warm during those long CS:GO sessions in Moms chilly basement!





This is the perfect useless/ful gaming gadget. The product video is great too:



"it uses infared waves to improve your natural bloodflow"

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