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Cunk on Earth - starts 20 Sept 2022 (was: Cunk and Other Humans on 2019)

Nick R

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Finished them all, think this is pretty much peak Cunk material. She's actually gone even more AliG than before, not just the interviews but frequently referencing this one mate she has and using the show to criticize her ex. Personally I really miss Ali G's interviews, oddly nobody else has really attempted it since so I'm glad to see Cunk doing that Shtick and succeeding. Here we have Ali G style interviews in an era of modern internet and social media which brings a refreshing take on it. At times it's even quite experimental with the formula, taking time outs of the interviews or showing someone getting interviewed unable to control themselves from laughing.


Astounding. Not for everyone but if you've enjoyed Cunk in the past, 100% give this a go.




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