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11 free Switch games, yip really.


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8 minutes ago, Pistol said:

I got the first two but then forgot, that means I’ve broken the chain and can’t get the rest for free, correct?



 Not too fussed if so, still got a couple of freebies :)

You can buy a game to get back into the chain, as it were. None of them look particularly amazing but I fully expect the secret one to be Red Dead Redemption 2, to coincide with the announcement of qubiic buying Rockstar. 

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I've got a bit of free time today so I'll post my brief thoughts on what's already been released. I'll skip the colouring and puzzle books, my wife who likes such apps on the ipad has tried them and said "nice touch screen options but not as good as similar ipad  apps."


Geki Yabba Runner You are a gnome tasked with finding a princess and socks for no apparent reason. It's an endless runner! You can jump or hold jump to glide using underpants. It lulls you into a false sense of security with some easy opening levels and then hits you with what felt like Flappy Bird levels of difficulty.


Good for: Very young kids who still have reflexes.


Not suited for: Old men with failing reflexes who might throw the Switch in frustration.


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One Strike A one on one fighting game set in Japan. However the duel between the two pixellated opponents lasts for exactly one strike. Whoever deals the first blow has also made the last with the loser immediately dying. I laughed after finishing the game with one character my reward was


The text :

You Conquered Japan! That is retro!


Good for: Those of us who want another Bushido Blade.


Not suited for: Those who like their fights to last more than five seconds.

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Wreckin' Ball Adventure Do you remember when bouncing characters were all the rage for a while in 8bit arcade adventures? This feels a lot like a throwback to that time with the ball being controlled controlling a lot like the pumpkin from Cauldron 2.




But it's in a more clinical Portal style environment. I almost quit from boredom when the game gave me a grappling hook. Grappling hooks make games ten times better.


The physics of the grapple remind me a lot of the Spiderman demo on the C64.


Good for: Oldies who miss arcade adventures circa 1986


Not suited for: Those that hated Wizball before powering up or Cauldron 2.

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Koloro Cute looking but hard as nails one button puzzle platform game. Your character moves in the same way Mario does in that Mario Run mobile game. Get the girl turned square to the exit.


Good for: Those who found Mario run too cheerful and too easy.



Not suited for: Old men with failing reflexes who might throw the Switch in frustration (again.)

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Playing some catch up today and the first freebie Robonauts  is quite neat. Reminds me of the sort of Defender variants you'd get back in the day on covertapes. 


Good for: People who want to play something like Exolon, but in the round.


Not suited for: People who hate dinky 8 bit shooters.


This is one I can see myself chipping away at.

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Mana Spark might just be the pick of the bunch for me. It feels like a modern fast paced version of Gateway to Apshai. For those of us who aren't pensioners, it's an arcade style rogue like. You have a bow but it takes a while to recharge. Coins allow you to buy powerups for the run you're on, mana orbs allow you to buy permanent power-ups for your camp if you can get them to a safe stash before you die. And you'll die a lot.


I just had a very quick go and lost a good hour to it. Recommended.

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