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11 free Switch games, yip really.


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6 hours ago, Soi said:

So I download the free Colouring book, then I can download the 1st game on the list on the 10th, and then the next on the 16th etc?


Yes, only the 10th was yesterday.


(but it's running until the 15th).

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Had a play of the first couple with my son last night.


Colouring Book, does what it says on the tin really, just images to colour. Son enjoyed it for a quick play.


Robonauts, this seems quite fun and reminded me of Super Stardust a bit. Son enjoyed this one quite a bit as well.


Those getting a switch for Xmas should really get on this and have a ready made little library of games for Xmas day.


My killer is I'm out the country from the 18th, hopefully I can get onto hotel WiFi alright and get them downloaded.

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Bury Me, My Love is free as well if you've bought one of the following games:



Yono and Celestial Elephants,


Steredenn: Binary Stars,



Journey to the Unexpected,

Dungeon Rushers,


The Next Penelope,

BAFL - Breaks are for Losers,

Knights of Pen and Paper + 1 Deluxier Edition,

White Night,

Burly Men at Sea,


Kill the Bad Guy,

Super Rocket Shootout,


Old School Musical,

Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story,

Shape of the World,

A Normal Lost Phone,

Lost in Hamony,

My Farm,

Momonga Pinball Adventures,

Knight of Pen & Paper 2 Deluxiest Edition,

Lost Phone Stories,

Zombie Night Terror,

The Last Door - Complete Edition,

Knight of Pen and Paper Bundle,

My Exotic Farm 2018,

My Arctic Farm 2018,

My Jurassic Farm 2018,



Instant Sports,

Dead in Vinland - True Viking edition,

Chroma Squad,

Lethis - Path of Progress,

Old School RPG Bundle.


I know a few people here bought Pictoquest, so they should be able to claim it. 

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18 minutes ago, memories said:

I was saying above that i was going to be out the country so might miss this but I wasn't thinking, you can just do this on your phone by logging into the e-store as well.

Yea you can :) As long as you’ve got a primary machine (have logged into the store on a switch) it seems. I set up an account for my son that will be getting one for Christmas so can claim them in advance for him

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I bought Mana Spark a while ago and it's a pretty nice roguelite, in a Binding of Isaac way, but often feels a little too unbalanced and difficult to make progress.


All these games have a bit of a NICE PRICE budget feel to them, but doesn't mean they aren't worth a whirl.

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