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Best of gritty New York

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New York is my favourite city in films. I miss that it rarely is the location now, and more American films have switched to Los Angeles. There’s the obvious ones everyone has seen like The Warriors and Taxi Driver but i’m looking for forgotten stuff where the film might be rubbish but it captures something of 70/80s New York in all its grimey glory. I might be going to New York next year and i’m saddened by how it’s been cleaned up. It might mean there’s less chance i get mugged, but i’m gonna feel even worse if i DO get mugged. 

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On a more serious note, my pick would be After Hours. You’ve probably seen it, but the surreal, nightmarish qualities of 80’s New York after dark are brilliantly realised. Well worth a watch if you haven’t.

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For some reason Liquid Sky was the first thing that came to mind, even though I haven't seen it for over a decade and it's almost certainly not what the OP is after in his scuzzy NY vibes. It's certainly unique, though.

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