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Games for competent kids and incompetent adults


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My friends kid (12 or so) is a competent game player. He has an xbox and the parents would like to play with him... but they are not gamers at all.


What are some games that they could play either co-op or 'light' competitive that would work with people that don't really know what controllers are.


We played a bit of Ultimate Chicken Horse but even that needed a bit too much ability for the incompetents to have fun (basically if there was any obstacle they would die to it) I thought maybe Cook, Serve, Delicious! but I kids are not very good at being compassionate about others not playing well and so it could end in tears!


What else could they try?

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The newer Mario games are very forgiving in co-op, the rubbish player can just help by collecting coins and stuff and can't really get detached from the main player (or die). 


I wouldn't really recommend overcooked as I tried it with my parents and they got overwhelmed very quickly even though they have both played games. The ensuing chaos is a laugh though!



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